Singapore Changi Airport, My Favourite Airport

Singapore Changi Airport

Chasing planes is always a thrill that adds on to the entire travel experience, and this was what we used to enjoy, until we got spoilt by Changi Airport and decided we all need a travel ritual to kickstart a true blue holiday.

No two airports are identical, and for that, Changi Airport is outstanding and amongst the best in the world. A holiday actually begins at Changi Airport, because our award-winning international airport has an enthralling list of offerings that makes it all worthwhile to check-in early so as to enjoy the facilities and amenities to its best.

Need to fill your tummy? The F&B options cater to different taste buds and time allowances. Whether you are rushing for a flight and need a quick take-out, or looking for a cosy diner to enjoy a meal with family and friends who are sending you off, there are plenty of options in both the public and transit areas.

Shopping at Changi Airport

And if you need to pick up duty-free items, the shopping is so irresistible that we strongly advise putting aside more time for some retail therapy. From perfumes and cosmetics, to books and electronics, you can find everything you need at Changi Airport.

Here is a guide to Changi Airport, featuring some of our favourite dining options, places to go, and things to see at the World’s best airport.

For a start, checking-in is a breeze because there are ample rows and counters that clearly segregate the airlines and flights, and there will always be staff patrolling and doing crowd control. We have been to many airports – both domestic and international – and we say it with utmost certainty that Changi Airport has the most seamless experience in this aspect.

Singapore Changi International AirportPhoto credit: Changi Airport

Things to see and do at Changi Airport

Catch a free show at the movie theatre, or watch the latest soccer match on large screen at the Xperience Zone. For the kids, there are several playgrounds located at all three terminals.

Wellness Spa

Fish Spa

Or how does a spa indulgence sound? Head to Wellness Spa for some self-pampering! For the brave-hearted, try the fish spa where you have your feet submerged in a pool of tiny fishes, and they will rid the dead skin off your feet.

Enchanted Garden

To relax your mind, take a stroll at one of the five gardens – Butterfly Garden (T3), Enchanted Garden (T2), Cactus Garden (T1), Orchid Garden (T2), and Sunflower Garden (T2) – in Changi Airport.

There are so many things to see and do at Changi Airport that it is impossible to share everything in this post. Next month, we have lined up a special guide on the 12 Things to do at Changi Airport, where we will share some of the things that you never knew about our beautiful airport.

Shopping Changi

Shopping at Changi Airport

Changi Airport is truly a shopping heaven. Melody always goes crazy at the perfume and cosmetic shops because there are so many brands to choose from, and enticing promotions that no one can resist. The guys have it good too. The latest gadgets can be found at the electronic stores. If not, head to the bookstore and pick up a good read for your flight.

Fashion Gallery

Beauty Shop

When you shop at Changi Airport, you will get to enjoy 7% GST savings, which can be a substantial saving especially for big-ticket items. The 7% GST savings also applies to all shops in the public area. And the best part is there is a 30-day Money Back Guarantee. For those who are not satisfied with their purchases, they can return the product within 30 days for a full refund or exchange.

Ramen Champion

Dining at Changi Airport

Melody and I go to Changi Airport so often that it feels like our second home. When our family is sending or picking us, some of the places we dine at include O’Coffee Club, Swensen’s, Itacho Sushi, Saboten, and Ramen Champion.

Itacho Sushi

Swensen’s and O’Coffee Club at Changi Airport open for 24 hours daily, making them the ideal spots to grab a bite when we touch down in Singapore late at night. Both of us are big fan of Japanese food, so it is no surprise that Itacho Sushi is our favourite haunt as it serves good quality sushi at reasonable prices.


Another Japanese diner that we really like is Saboten, which has consistently good tonkatsu and is great for a quick meal before boarding the plane. For ramen lovers, a stop to Ramen Champion will have you spoilt with different renditions from 4 carefully selected chefs from Japan, who each dishes up their specialties in the individual booths.

Peach Garden

The transit area has even more options. Peach Garden Noodle House, Cedele, Bakerzin, Killiney Kopitiam, Tai Hing Roast Restaurant, The Green Market, just to name a few.

In March, we will be sharing a more comprehensive guide on where to eat in Changi Airport.

Rest Area

The World Airport Survey is conducting polls for the World’s Best Airport Award. You can vote for your favourite airport via this link – let’s do our part for our beloved airport!

Changi Airport is often the talk of the town (or the world), and it is with great pride that as a Singaporean and as the first social media ambassador of Changi Airport, I share with you the best of our award-winning international airport. With infinite possibilities, a myriad of shopping and dining options and endless entertainment, your holiday starts at Changi Airport.

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