A&W Is Returning To Singapore – Opening At Changi Airport’s Jewel In 2019

A&W Singapore

DROP EVERYTHING NOW, GUYS. A&W IS RETURNING TO SINGAPORE! It will be opening the first outlet at the new Jewel Changi Airport in April 2019!

This piece of news just made our day and we bet you are equally, if not more excited than us. Our beloved root beer float and waffles are making a return to our shores, and not forgetting the curly fries that we grew up earting!

Here’s everything you need to know about their return. Now, time to keep your skinny jeans in the closet. You won’t be needing them for a while.


American fast food chain A&W is returning to Singapore next year, after leaving us for 10 years. How did life go by without A&W, we have no clue; we are just glad they are coming back into our lives. And we hope they are here to stay.

A&W CEO Kevin Bazner revealed that A&W has set up a Singapore office since 2016. The expansion plan includes opening up to 40 new outlets across Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand.

A&W has set Singapore as its Southeast Asia flagship. It will also serve as a training ground for all its staff in Southeast Asia. The first outlet will be at the new Changi Airport’s Jewel.

In the meantime, who is ready for root beer float, waffles and curly fries?!