Pho Phuong 25 – Famous Beef Pho In Ho Chi Minh City That You Must Try

Pho Phuong 25

Walking down the streets of Ho Chi Minh City, one might find it a challenge to identify exactly which pho stall is truly the best especially with the sheer amount of street-side stalls, food stands and restaurants selling it.

But perhaps one of the best and most highly recommended pho places in Ho Chi Minh City to visit is Pho Phuong 25 in District 1. Having heard so much praise being sung by both locals and tourists, we did not hesitate to pay this humble corner stall a visit—we were far from disappointed.

For a truly authentic and out-of-this-world beef pho experience when in Ho Chi Minh City, you really have to drop by Pho Phuong 25.

Pho Phuong Menu

Based on the only menu that was given to us, it seemed that the eatery only had one item on the menu but served with different varieties of beef cuts and offal.

Pho Phuong Pho Bo

Feeling a mad hankering for all things beef, we opted for the Large Bowl (75,000 VND), a monster-sized bowl that comprised all sorts of beef types from the tender brisket, to semi-rare beef slices and even cartilage and soft tendon as well.

The first thing that hits you—besides how enormous the entire bowl is—is the fragrant scent of beef broth that you just know packs unbeatable flavour. Served alongside it is an entire tray of fresh basil, lime wedges and chilli.

Pho Phuong Beef Pho

Brimming with an insanely concentrated beef flavour along with a heady back note of warm spices and fresh herb, the broth was pretty clean tasting yet super flavourful. Every component from the rice noodles to the individual beef slices was cooked perfectly and each mouthful was just literal comfort at its best.

Crucial to a bowl of pho bo (otherwise known as beef pho) is the addition of raw garnishes and truly, the experience was elevated tenfold when we tore bits of basil leaves into the mixture along with some lime juice and chilli.

Pho Phuong Vietnamese Coffee

We may not have gotten the real deal when it came down to ordering up a glass of their Vietnamese coffee but the one thing that we can admit to is that it tasted really good. Like drinking a liquified version of Kopiko.

Pho Phuong Exterior

Besides offering tasty bowls of pho, we really liked the overall atmosphere of the eatery. Featuring both indoor and open-air seating, you could easily bask in the aroma of simmering beef broth and freshly plucked herbs surrounding the entire eatery.

And another interesting thing to note if you’re a foodie is that just around the corner nestles one of the most popular street food restaurants in the whole of Ho Chi Minh City—the widely praised Lunch Lady.

Pho Phuoung
25 Hoàng Sa, District 1,
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Daily: 6am – 9pm

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