Pho Hai Trieu – Unassuming Eatery In HCMC’s District 1 With Amazing Chicken Pho

Pho Hai Trieu Collage

To only have a single bowl of pho during a vacation to Vietnam is a downright atrocity. The popular street food is the core staple of Vietnamese cuisine and is literally what going to Vietnam’s all about—for us anyway.

Stumbling upon a rather unassuming eatery by the street going by the name Pho Hai Trieu, we were lured in by the bold aromas of simmering meat broth and freshly stir-fried delights, as well as a team of friendly wait staff who were eager to sit us down.

Specialising in an assortment of chicken dishes, pho and hearty soups, this humble eatery may not seem like much at first, but it really does impress with its wide array of menu offerings—especially their chicken dishes.
Pho Hai Trieu Menu

While pho was the main item on our agenda, we were intrigued by the sheer number of dishes available in this small eatery. From an assortment of chicken dishes, comforting soups that include anything and everything, to a wide array of noodle dishes, they have it all.

Pho Hai Trieu Chicken Pho

Seeing as to how literally every table was having chicken, we decided to give their chicken a go too. Ordering a bowl of their Pho Ga (55,000 VND) did not disappoint as it came with a generous portion of tender shredded chicken meat, sliced onions and an insanely huge serving of rice noodles.

The broth was heavenly, to say the least, with every mouthful delivering so much more than just a deep, comforting chicken flavour. There was a subtle sweetness in the broth that complemented the overall savouriness of the dish as well as a thin yet crucial layer of chicken fat that provided an additional layer of hearty chicken flavour.

Pho Hai Trieu Pho Beef

The Pho Tai (55,000 VND), essentially a bowl of beef pho featuring rare steak, was a tad underwhelming—only because of the fact that we already had our minds blown from the beef pho at Pho Phuong.

Pho Hai Trieu Beef Pho

Nonetheless, the broth and everything else in it was pretty solid. Our only gripe was that the beef could have been slightly rarer so as to give it a better texture.

Great if you’re in a hurry—because service here is lightning quick—, Pho Hai Trieu may not be the best place for pho if that’s your main goal, but it sure does pack a substantial arsenal of yummy delights with their chicken dishes standing out the most.

Pho Hai Trieu Exterior

Pho Hai Trieu
Ben Nghe, District 1,
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Tel: +84 98 984 62 18

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