Platform 1094 – Sirius-ly Magical Harry Potter-Themed Afternoon Tea At S$55 For 2

Platform 1094

In the real world where life doesn’t always seem to go according to plan, there is little wonder why humans love the idea of magic. With the help of fantasy novels such as Harry Potter and The Hobbit, people are able to break away from daily mundanes and be part of a world that has mystical creatures, powerful wizards and not to mention, create magic.

If getting accepted into Hogwarts is a lifetime dream of yours, then you have to know more about Platform 1094, a wizard-themed cafe along Serangoon Road. Managed by the same team that is behind Fresh Fruits Lab, Platform 1094 is where your wizard dreams come true.

Besides what you can find on their regular menu, the cafe is introducing an all-new Harry Potter-themed English Afternoon Tea at S$55 for 2 pax where you can enjoy a selection of sweets and savouries that are inspired by the Harry Potter series. Think Chocolate Frogs, Owl Hootdoo Macarons and Turkey Bacon Quidditch Quiche. Platform 1094′s wizard-themed afternoon tea is available from Tuesdays to Sundays between 2pm to 6pm (reservations are necessary).

Put on the wizard robe, grab a pointed hat and choose a wand of your liking—a spellbinding session awaits.

Platform 1094 Interior


The magic begins once you step foot into Platform 1094.

Every detail at Platform 1094 is taken care of to ensure guests receive the most magical dining experience, from the ambience right down to their food. The rustic cafe is adorned with antiques such as lamps and a swinging chandelier that give the place a warm, orangey lighting. Guests sit on chairs that are designed with a deer (possibly paying tribute to Harry Potter’s Patronus) and dine at wooden tables.

Once you have settled down, it is time to play dress up! Put on your favourite wizard clock, scarf and pointed hat. If you are feeling it, you can even pick up a wand and wear a pair of round spectacles too. Just imagine all the cute pictures you get to take with your squad!

Platform 1094 Afternoon Tea


Behold, the Hagrid’s English Afternoon Tea. Boasting a mixture of savoury and sweet items that are inspired by the fantasy novel, this is one extremely attractive afternoon tea set that will have the Harry Potter fans going crazy for. Just when you think you have seen it all, the tea set also lights up upon a flick of your wand!

 Platform 1094 Harry Potter Afternoon Tea

Your wizard journey begins with the Bewitching Tuna Sandwich, followed by Potato Slyther-in Bacon with Cheddar Cheese, Avocado Salmon Weasled with Chicken Floss on Edible Magical Ladle and Turkey Bacon Quidditch Quiche.

Well, true Harry Potter fans will definitely be able to pick up familiar names and if you did not, then read those names out loud again!

Platform 1094 Sweets

Each dessert item was meticulously thought of before they are shortlisted to be in included in this tea set and boy, were we impressed by what we saw: the Owl Hootdoo Macarons that looked way too cute for consumption; tantalising Pumpkin Tartlets; Rock Cake served with Cauldron-Brewed Cream Cheese Dip; Rasp-Berry Potter & Mango-Nagall Mousse with its crazy swirls and the iconic Chocolate Frogs.

Of all that we tried, the Pumpkin Tartlets are deserving of a special mention. The creamy pumpkin filling had the right amount of sweetness that was not cloying on the taste buds and we liked how the layer of chocolate ganache on top adds an extra dimension of flavour.

Platform 1094 Green Tea

Besides that, Hagrid’s English Afternoon Tea also includes Green Frog Flexi, which is essentially a thirst quenching green tea drink to complement the food.

Platform 1094 Harry Potter Coffee


For diners who drop by over the weekends, you get to top up S$6 to upgrade your drink to a hot cup of latte that comes with an intricate Harry Potter latte art.

Platform 1094 Hot Chocolate

Otherwise, you can also opt for hot chocolate, which comes with a Golden Stitch on top. Being such hardcore Harry Potter fans, you bet we took a million pictures of the cute drinks!

Platform 1094 Chocolate Desserts


Can’t get enough of wizard-themed desserts just like us? There are even more choices from their a la carte menu.

All their desserts have our stamp of approval whether we are talking about taste or aesthetics and we simply cannot wait to head back and try what else the cafe has in store!

Platform 1094 Desserts

Platform 1094′s Harry Potter afternoon tea (S$55 for 2 pax) is available from Tuesdays to Sundays between 2pm to 6pm. Do take note that reservations are necessary.

Platform 1094
1094 Serangoon Road
Singapore 328192
Tel: +65 6204 6003
Tue to Sun: 11am – 10pm
(Afternoon Tea: 2pm – 6pm)
Nearest Station: Boon Keng

This post is brought to you by Platform 1094.