Oven & Fried Chicken – Korean Fried Chicken Great For Sharing With Your Squad

Oven & Fried Chicken Group Shot

Whether you crave chicken that’s baked, fried or smothered in ice cream (yes, we’re serious), Oven & Fried Chicken has it all covered. Expect to tuck into a splendid array of crispy-beyond-belief Korean-style fried chicken, tender baked chicken as well as a fine selection of Korean traditional side dishes.

Located along Tanjong Katong Road, this humble Korean fried chicken joint may not seem like much from the outside, but truth be told the chicken we had here were some of the best we have ever tried in Singapore.

Oven & Fried Chicken Original Fried Chicken


To kick things off, we got the Fried Rice Original Chicken (S$18), which upon arrival, blew us away with its fresh-out-the-fryer aroma and crispy golden skin.

What makes their chicken unique to other Korean fried chicken joints is their use of rice flour as opposed to regular flour, which ensures that the chicken achieves an unbelievably crispy crust without being greasy at all. The flour also helps to lock in moisture, allowing each bite to be jam-packed with steaming chicken goodness.

Oven & Fried Chicken Spicy Fried Chicken


For fried chicken with attitude, the Sauced Original Rice Chicken (S$20) is a great choice. What you get is the same crispy chicken but with a generous coating of their homemade sauce, that brims with sweetness and a subtle spicy kick to further elevate the taste of the chicken.

We have tried many variations of this dish, but what really had us hooked was the fact that the saucy layer was neither gloopy nor overly sweet. Just the right consistency to coat the chicken without overwhelming its flavour too much.

Oven & Fried Chicken Baked Chicken


Succulent, smoky and brimming with subtle herbal notes, we thoroughly enjoyed their Roasted Original (S$17) as well, for the fact that it was a whole different experience in itself.

Roasted to perfection, the chicken was tender, juicy and tasted a notch higher than your average oven-roasted chicken. The secret lies in the marinade, the duration of which the chicken is allowed to soak up all those aromatic flavours as well as the perfect cooking temperature, ensuring that the chicken does not dry out.

Oven & Fried Chicken Yoghurt Fried Chicken


For the ballsy, do consider one of the kitchen’s recommendations, the brainchild of the chef himself, the Yogurt Salad Chicken (S$22). Just a disclaimer, there wasn’t actual yoghurt in this but rather two scoops of Neapolitan-flavoured ice cream.

We particularly loved that each dip was different. Some bites were heavier on strawberry, some on chocolate and some, with the flavours of all three—delicious!

Some may say that this rendition is unorthodox as far as fried chicken is concerned but boy does it work. Dunking piping hot pieces of crispy fried chicken into ice cream was never something to cross our minds but now that we have tried this, it will probably change the way we eat fried chicken forever.

Oven & Fried Chicken Herbal Chicken


In light of all that greasy goodness (not that there was much, to begin with), a good, comforting dish to order is their Ginseng Chicken (S$12).

The chicken within was literally fall-off-the-bone tender while the rice at the bottom provided body to the dish. As the dish simmers over a period of time, the starch from the rice thickens it, making for a heartier, more robust soup.

Oven & Fried Chicken Interior

Oven & Fried Chicken
230 Tanjong Katong Road
Singapore 437018
Tel: +65 6247 9242
Mon to Sat: 11.30am – 2.30pm, 5.30pm – 1am
Tue & Sun: 11.30am – 2.30pm, 5.40pm – 1am
Nearest Station: Paya Lebar