En Sakaba – Shabu Shabu Buffet With Unlimited Miyazaki Wagyu & Zuwai Queen Crab

En Sakaba Group Shot

Izakaya bars are all the rage now, especially among the office crowd and En Dining (previously known as En Sakaba) under the Izakaya Japanese Dining Group (which manages En Japanese Dining at Mohd Sultan, En Japanese Dining Bar at Bukit Timah and Z’en Japanese Cuisine) is not a name unheard of.

Now with a total of 4 new outlets—each boasting different concepts—this izakaya slash Japanese restaurant group is a true haven for those in search of tantalising Japanese fare, a chic yet cosy spot to relax at and a solid tipple.

Introducing its new flagship restaurant and the group’s fourth outlet, En Dining at Capital Tower is set to enthrall with their stellar shabu shabu offering, visually stunning à la carte items as well as a selection of curated Japanese whiskies and sake for your after-work tippling pleasure.

For a limited period and exclusive only at Capital Tower, En Dining is having a hot pot buffet dinner that comes with a selection of appetisers, 3 kinds sashimi platter, wagyu sushi, prawn and vegetables tempura, Häagen-Dazs ice cream as well as a monumental shabu shabu that sees unlimited servings of Japan’s No. 1 of Miyazaki wagyu beef, premium zuwai kani queen crab, ibérico kurobuta pork, assorted vegetables, udon and Japanese porridge—all at only S$78++ per pax (U.P. S$108++ per pax).

We kid you not, from the sweet flesh of the queen crab to the perfectly marbled, melt-in-your-mouth Miyazaki Wagyu, this is a shabu shabu feast that you must try and you’d be a fool if you missed it.
En Sakaba

If your idea of a Japanese izakaya is a shabby, small and dimly lit hut then En Dining’s flagship will change that perception. The interior is decked out in beautiful furnishings that screams chic and cosy.

We especially adore the bar counter that allows diners to peek into the open kitchen, as well as the wide selection of premium Japanese spirits and sakes on display.

En Sakaba Starters


The buffet commences with an assortment of 3 different appetisers, each with different textures and flavours, yet sharing an element of freshness that no doubt will help to ease diners into the heavier courses.

Their sashimi platter comes with 3 varieties of seasonal fish and seafood, cut thick and gorgeously presented while the tempura platter consists of ebi (prawn) and a variety of vegetables—all deep-fried to crispy and golden perfection.

Considering that the buffet commences with these 3 stellar items, what follows may prove a tad too hard to resist. Period.

En Sakaba Wagyu Sushi


To fully experience the natural taste of Wagyu, the buffet comes with a serving of Wagyu Sushi. Served raw atop sushi rice and garnished with freshly diced scallions, each mouthful promises a delicious flavour punch of pure beefy goodness that runs off your tongue almost like butter.

En Sakaba Wagyu Beef


Nobody leaves En Dining without having some A5 Miyazaki Wagyu Beef and this was love at first sight for us. From top-notch farms in Japan to the waiting mouths of hungry patrons, En Dining’s elite offering—premium Miyazaki Wagyu beef—is one that promises sheer, melt-in-your-mouth decadence in every bite.

An order of their prized Miyazaki Wagyu sees a platter of elegantly laid out slices of perfectly marbled beef, pleasing not only to the tongue but also to the mind and eye. Whether you deem yourself a wagyu connoisseur or not, a sight like this is the pinnacle of gourmet.

Our suggestion is to not overcook it. Simply simmer your beef for a few seconds and bring it to a pinkish-brown shade, remove it, and dip it generously in ponzu to bring out the best of the fatty beef.

En Sakaba Wagyu

A good point to note about the restaurant’s prized Miyazaki Wagyu is that it has won various prestigious industry awards, including the most honoured ‘Prime Minister Award’ by the Wagyu Registry Association in Japan for its outstanding meat quality.

Given to the best cattle once every five years, this award has been won by Miyazaki Wagyu for 3 consecutive contests, meaning it has held the reigns for 15 years and has been labelled ‘Japan’s Number One Beef’ ever since!

In terms of marbling, firmness, texture and sheer lustre of the fat within the wagyu, this is easily one of the best things you can ever put into your mouth.

En Sakaba Iberico Pork


The Miyazaki Wagyu may be a showstopper in its own right but following close behind is the Ibérico Kurobuta Pork. Also available in unlimited portions, this gorgeous pork variety boasts a delicate, nutty flavour with melt-in-your-mouth marbling.

En Sakaba Alaskan Queen Crab


Yet another highlight of this shabu shabu buffet is the unlimited servings of premium Zuwai Kani Queen Crab.

Sweeter in comparison to its male counterpart, the Zuwai Queen Crab is deemed by the chefs here a better choice for Japanese shabu shabu as it adds a heightened sweetness to the overall soup broth. The delicate flesh of the crab is insanely sweet and produces a lovely aroma when allowed to cook gently in the Bonito broth.

En Sakaba Wagyu Dish


Besides shabu shabu, En Dining also prepares their highly prized Miyazaki wagyu in a number of ways (and in various cuts too) to allow diners to fully appreciate the premium quality beef at its best—namely in the form of sushi, sashimi, carpaccio and more!

A dish that beautifully enhances the wagyu and brings out the most of its beefy potential is the Wagyu With Quail Egg. Sliced into thin strips and topped with a quail egg yolk, what you get is a simple cold dish that fully allows you to savour every morsel of flavour.

Serving sizes may be a tad small but believe us when we say, you probably wouldn’t be able to stomach more than one serving of this given how rich the components are.

These Wagyu Specialties are available at all 4 restaurants—Capital Tower, JEM, Orchard Central and Clarke Quay.

En Sakaba Sashimi Platter


As if all that unlimited servings of decadence are not enough, you will be spoilt with a deluxe platter of sashimi as part of the buffet.

En Sakaba Tempura


Also included in the buffet is this plate of tempura that comes with prawns and an assortment of vegetables such as eggplant, sweet potato and pumpkin. Each one is coated with a light batter mix and deep-fried to a golden colour and served with a bowl of Tentsuyu dipping sauce.

En Sakaba Haagen Dazs Ice Cream


After all that feasting, you might think of turning down dessert but we all know deep down, there is always room for dessert. End your meal on a sweet note with a creamy and robust matcha ice cream from Häagen-Dazs, topped with whipped cream and a dollop of azuki paste.

En Sakaba Maki

With such an exciting line-up, En Dining’s Japan No. 1 Miyazaki Wagyu and Premium Queen Crab Hotpot Buffet is one you cannot miss out on. For a limited period only, indulge in 90 minutes of unlimited servings of premium meats and seasonal delicacies at only S$78++ (usual price S$108) per pax.

For dining reservations and enquiries, please call +65 6423 0110 or RSVP at http://www.ensakaba.com.sg/buffet-promotion/.

*This offer is only available at En Dining Capital Towers outlet from Monday to Friday after 5pm and Saturday.

*Valid with a minimum order for 2 pax.

*The menu may change without prior notice.

*Price is subjected to 10% service charge and 7% prevailing GST.

*Management reserves the rights to change terms and conditions without prior notice.

*Valid for dine-in and duration is a maximum of 90 minutes only.

En Sakaba Porridge


Aside from their premium buffet, En Dining’s menu also boasts a range of delectable a la carte dishes such as Wagyu Sushi, Wagyu Tobanyaki, Wagyu Sukiyaki and Wagyu Yukke.

One of our favourites is the Japanese porridge where diners get to enjoy Japanese pearl rice that is stirred into the flavourful dashi broth and allowed to simmer until soft. It is then finished off with the addition of raw eggs which acts as a thickener as well as provides the porridge with a secondary layer of richness and depth.

En Dining Capital Tower

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Tel: +65 6423 0110
(Closed on Sundays)
Mon to Sat: 11am – 11pm
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