TungLok CNY Takeaway Goodies 2018 – Reunion Dinners With Restaurant Standards

Tunglok Group Takeaway

Chinese New Year is one festival that all of us Chinese people look forward to the most every year. It is an occasion of feasting, non-stop celebration and sheer exuberance; Lunar New Year is a time for a reunion with family and loved ones.

This joyous occasion is ultimately a celebration of family, hence gatherings with family and relatives around the dining table are a common sight. While it is commonplace for families to slug it out days before through the preparation and actual cooking, it definitely draws out the joy out of the festivities. This year, save yourself the trouble and effort of preparing everything from scratch by indulging in TungLok’s takeaway offerings.

What you can expect from the colossal brand this year is nothing short of grandeur for your family to luxuriate in—minus the hassle of cooking and washing up, of course. Their competitive prices make them a distinguished option for all home parties but rest assure that the quality of their food goes above and beyond their price point.

TungLok Yu Sheng


Simply put, Chinese New Year just would not be the same without the iconic yu sheng for lo hei. This dish that traditionally consists of shredded vegetables, various sweet and savoury condiments and fresh raw salmon is an auspicious staple that can be seen at almost every reunion meal.

TungLok’s magnificent and picturesque yu sheng comprises fresh vegetables, mushroom, yam, sweet potato shreds and a drizzle of TungLok’s healthier yu sheng sauce and it stays true to tradition by using fresh salmon instead of anything fancy.

TungLok scored yet another first as Health Promotion Board (HPB) has endorsed TungLok’s Yu Sheng Sauce for its lower sugar content, making this popular festive dish a perfect choice for a healthier celebration.

The Prosperity Yu Sheng is priced at S$48++ for 6 persons and S$78++ for 10 persons. *For takeaways, only Smoked Norwegian Salmon is available.

TungLok Pen Cai


Pronounced as ‘poon choi’ in Cantonese, this one-dish item has come a long way from being served in wooden washbasins during the Song Dynasty to sturdy clay pots in modern times. Now, it is commonly enjoyed at reunion dinners.

TungLok Treasure Bowl (Pen Cai) is a wonderful pot full of premium delicacies ranging from abalone, dried oyster, scallops, prawns, slices of smoked duck and a variety of stewed vegetable and beancurd delights—all beautifully coated with a rich and thick gravy. Be prepared to dig deep to get every morsel of delicious goodness in this luxurious treasure bowl.

TungLok’s Treasure Bowl comes in 2 different variations, but every one boasts only the finest ingredients and homemade abalone sauce. The Heavenly Treasure Bowl that contains 16 ingredients is the most luxurious treat, and comes in two different sizes—S$388++ for 6 persons and S$588++ for 10 persons. The Royal Treasure Bowl contains 13 ingredients and is priced at S$288++ for 6 persons and S$388++ for 10 persons.

Tunglok Group Fried Rice


Forming the bulk of your reunion dinner is the Fried Glutinous Rice With Assorted Preserved Meat that features fragrant rice fried with bits of roasted pork and mushrooms. The mixture is wrapped in a leaf for that extra boost of aroma.

As simple as it looks, we love this wholesome dish for its addictive chewy glutinous rice that is packed with flavourful waxed meat with every bite. The distinct umami taste and texture easily won us over.

TungLok Chicken


Who doesn’t love chicken? Especially one that is slow cooked for an extended period of time until the meat is fall-off-the-bone tender. Nothing spells comfort quite as accurately as TungLok’s Superior Herbal Chicken. Tender, succulent and redolent with deep herbal flavours and aromas, this is easily a crowd favourite.

Good news for the health conscious: this is dish is chock-full of nutritious qualities that are great for the young and old alike! 

TungLok CNY Vegetarian_


As part of TungLok’s initiative to ensure every family has a memorable family reunion—regardless of dietary preferences—they have an array of vegetarian dishes that boasts vibrant colours and fresh flavours.

Gone are the days of unexciting, run-of-the-mill vegetarian dishes on Chinese New Year. What you can look forward to this year include favourites such as Longevity Treasure Bowl (Pen Cai), Thai-Style Deep-Fried Vegetarian Fish and more!

TungLok Vegetarian Yu Sheng

If you think that one type of Yu Sheng is enough, TungLok Group impresses with a second—a more vibrant Prosperity Vegetarian Yu Sheng that does not compromise on flavour.

This colourful vegetarian salad features a mixture of luscious ingredients from plump cherry tomatoes and pomegranate seeds that give each bite a nice pop of sweetness; toss to your heart’s content!

TungLok Vegetarian Pen Cai

Featuring soy-based products in place of the various seafood and meat ingredients in their Longevity Treasure Bowl, reunion dinners will still be a grand and tasty affair for all our vegetarian friends.

Replacing the usual meats in a pen cai are 18 ingredients such as yellow fungus, fresh mushroom, an assortment of beancurd rolls and cuttlefish balls as well as vegetarian abalone.

The Longevity Treasure Bowl is exclusively available at LingZhi Vegetarian Restaurant at S$198++ for 6 persons and S$268++ for 10 persons.

TungLok Vegetarian Brown Rice Collage

Wrapped in a lotus leaf, their Fragrant Rice is a yummy treat to have as an alternative to its meat-filled counterpart.

Serving is pretty straightforward. Simply untie the piece of string that holds the parcel in place to reveal a treasure trove of aromatic and delicious brown rice, bits of corn, carrots, and mock meat—all beautifully accented by the fragrant leaf that the dish is cooked in.

Tunglok Group Vegeterian Fish

Vegetarians will fawn over the Thai-Style Deep-Fried Vegetarian Fish like how we did. Not only did the dish look like genuine fish meat, we were impressed with the ‘fish’ texture right down to the overall taste.

Tender beancurd as the fish flesh and fried beancurd as its skin, the dish is covered in a layer of zesty saccharine Thai sauce. The fish roll is crispy on the outside yet soft and flaky on the inside.

TungLok CNY Festive Goodies


And our friends are all going to receive TungLok Pork Bak Kwa and TungLok Nian Gao as festive gifts this year, we promise.

TungLok Nian Gao is the first in Singapore to be recognised by Health Promotion Board for its lower sugar content and as a source of dietary fibre, and it is available in unique flavours – traditional, pandan and black sesame at S$22+ per box.

Boost your immunity with the special Red Dates Nian Gao (S$28+ per box) that is filled with nutrients and vitamins. You will be spoilt for choices as you indulge in these sweet delights.

TungLok Bak Kwa

Believe us when we tell you that TungLok’s Pork Bak Kwa is among the best we have ever tried. Many may not know, but TungLok flame-grill their own Pork Bak Kwa in very limited quantities. The sweet and savoury succulent meat has enough bite that comes with pleasant hints of smokiness. The all-time popular Classic Bak Kwa comes with an option of honey-glazed and spicy flavours (S$35+ per 500 grams).

On top of that, TungLok’s X.O. sauce (S$9.80+)—made with a blend of dried canopy and silver bait using TungLok’s secret recipe—makes for a delicious gift for your family and relatives.


TungLok Group is offering sets in the form of Take-Home Feasts which comprises of Yu Sheng, Pen Cai, Superior Herbal Chicken, Fried Glutinous Rice with Assorted Preserved Meat and Nian Gao.

Prices start at S$268+, and there are several Take-Home Feasts that are great for 6 to 10 people. These Take-Home Feasts are perfect for your reunion dinners or if you need to bring an auspicious gift for all the house visits.

Early birds who make a purchase before 31 Jan 2018 will enjoy 15%* off for takeaway Yu Sheng, Pen Cai as well as the Take-Home Feasts. Additionally, you can receive 15%* off TungLok Festive Gifts from now until 02 Mar 2018. *Valid for MVG / tunglokfirst members and UOB card members.

For more enquiries, please visit www.tunglok.com.

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