Sluviche – This Hip Spot In Keong Saik Offers Peruvian Ceviche & Alcoholic Slushes


Located in the bar and restaurant-laden street of Keong Saik Road, Sluviche is an outfit that serves up icy, boozed up slushies and a tantalising array of fresh and colourful ceviche—perfect for beating the Singapore heat.

With a menu that is limited to a handful of ceviche options, this may not be the ideal place if what you are looking for is a hearty, full-on meal but what you can be sure of is a pleasant mid-day pick-me-up in the form of raw seasoned seafood and a refreshing cocktail.

The best way to enjoy seafood is raw and the best way to savour an alcoholic beverage in Singapore’s mid-day humidity is ice-cold, so what are you waiting for? Sluviche is the place to be.


Sluviche Ceviche 2

Specialising in Peruvian ceviche and pimped up, adult-only slushies, Sluviche—a cheeky play on the words ‘ceviche’ and ‘slushie’—brings to Keong Saik Road a breath of vibrancy and a laid-back vibe. This is where we can imagine ourselves coming to for fun, carefreeness and fresh flavours to excite our palates.


Sluviche Slushie

Their menu is concise in that it only features a selection of 5 ceviche options, 2 boozy slushy options, 3 house-crafted cocktails. Wine and spirits are also available, but the things that you absolutely must try—which also makes for a quick pick-me-up at any time of the day—are their Pisco Punch (S$15) and Pisco Sour (S$15).

Sluviche Ceviche

Their food offerings may be small but make no mistake, these boys don’t play. What you get out of every serving of their ceviche are masterful techniques in the form of specially curated seafood, scratch-made sauces to uniformly cut garnishes.


Fish options available here consist of scallops, tuna, shrimp, Buri (yellowtail) and Fiji (swordfish)—all of which come with a side of sourdough bread.

Ready for a night out with the lads? You know where to go.

Sluviche Interior

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17A Keong Saik Road,
Singapore 089124
Tel: +65 6224 0212
(Closed on Sundays & Mondays)
Tue to Thu: 12pm – 2.30pm, 6pm – 10.30pm
Fri & Sat: 12pm – 2.30pm, 6pm – 1am
Nearest Station: Outram Park

All photos are credited to Sluviche.