25 Degrees Singapore – Gourmet Burgers At S$14++ & 1-For-1 Happy Hour

25 Degrees Burger Singapore

Gourmet burgers are nothing new to Singapore’s dynamic food scene, but what is it about these fancy burgers that motivates people to spend so much more for them as opposed to their fast food restaurant counterparts? The answer lies in its jazzed-up sauces but more importantly, the use of premium ingredients.

Bringing its signature West Coast flavour to Singapore, 25 Degrees Burgers & Liquor Bar is a gourmet American burger joint from Los Angeles which serves up a myriad of gourmet burgers, milkshakes, beer and wine at reasonable prices and is even rumoured to be a cult favourite among many Hollywood stars.

Drop by during the day and enjoy their lunch special where you can get a signature burger and fries for only S$12++. This promotion is valid from Mondays to Fridays between 11am to 3pm. Be sure not to miss out on their daily happy hour between 3pm to 7pm too. During this golden period of the day, you get to enjoy 1-for-1 deals for fries and other food items, a selection of beers, as well as cocktails.

25 Degrees Hotel G

Looking and feeling like a sleek, contemporary, American diner, 25 Degrees Burger & Liquor Bar Singapore’s small yet cosy space serves to provide a warm and friendly environment to diners. Their long table and open-air concept also allow patrons to socialise and watch the bustling street while enjoying a delicious meal.

Boasting a straightforward menu, there are five signature burgers with varying toppings and condiments—all of which cost only S$14++. The five signatures are conveniently named ‘Number One’ to ‘Number Four’ and lastly the ‘Veggie Burger’.

Apart from that, the menu also includes a craft-your-own burger option for fussy burger connoisseurs who want something more.

25 Degrees Burger Number One


The Number One (S$14++) comprises a beef patty, caramelized onions, a mixture of different cheeses from prelibato gorgonzola to crescenza, crispy bacon, arugula and is given a generous slathering of thousand island dressing.

As far as gourmet burgers are concerned, nothing rarely ever goes wrong when caramelised onions and bacon are involved and the Number One proved just that. The beef patty had a crispy crust with a juicy, pink interior and the arugula coupled with the thousand island dressing balanced out the intensely meaty flavours.

25 Degrees Number Two Burger


Number Two (S$14++) is a beef burger with an Italian touch. It features a beef patty, plump roasted tomatoes, burrata, a slice of crispy prosciutto and pesto. Compared to Number One, we would say that this burger is a much milder alternative.

The tomatoes were soft yet not overly cooked to a mushy consistency, and the melted burrata cheese over the top provided an element of creaminess. We particularly like how the addition of pesto in the burger added freshness to the overall taste.

25 Degrees Number Three Burger


For a burger with attitude, you should go for Number Three (S$14++). It features a beef patty, mezzo secco jack cheese, green chilli, chipotle and avocado. This burger may pack a punch initially but the spice is balanced out by fresh slices of avocado. Those who are looking for a spicy kick will not regret trying the Number Three!

25 Degrees Number Four Burger


For a slightly more unconventional option, you can also opt for Number Four (S$14++) that uses a yellowfin tuna patty instead. Served with crisp butter lettuce, crispy fried onions and a spicy aioli, this is one alternative should you not prefer beef—although we would much rather stick to our beef.

25 Degrees Veggie Burger


Vegetarians do not fret, because the folks at 25 Degrees have got you covered. Swopping out a beef patty for a veggie one, the Veggie Burger (S$14++) comes with butter lettuce cucumber, mint, and jalapenos.

As much as vegetarian dishes—let alone vegetarian burgers—get a rather bad reputation, we must admit that the Veggie Burger was indeed delicious. Whether you are a hardcore vegetarian or merely someone curious to know how vegetarian burgers taste like, this is a good dish to start with.

25 Degrees Sonoran Hot Dog


What could possibly beat a hot dog wrapped in bacon? That’s right—nothing.

The Sonoran Hot Dog (S$18++) comes with an enticing bacon-wrapped dog, American cheese, caramelized onions as well as an array of condiments. Delicious and sinful, this huge hot dog was made even better with a squeeze of mustard and their homemade garlic aioli.

25 Degrees Onion Rings


Burgers alone aren’t fun. We need sides of fries and whatnot, too!

The Truffle French Fries (S$6++), Curly Fries (S$5++) and Onion Rings (S$5++) are crowd favourites but our ultimate favourite would have to be the onion rings.

Lightly battered, the onion rings were sweet and super crunchy. While the rings are great on their own, they are made even more irresistible with their selection of homemade dips which you can get at an additional cost of S$3++.

25 Degrees Milkshakes


No experience at an American diner is complete without a huge milkshake. This classic milkshake (S$10++) that comes in a variety of flavours is something you absolutely must order when at 25 Degrees Burger & Liquor Bar Singapore.

Sweet, decadent and oh-so-satisfying, there was no way we could resist slurping down one of these bad boys with our burger. Complete with a cherry on top and lots of whipped cream, your burger experience cannot get any better.

25 Degrees Chocolate Cake


If you are not already stuffed enough as it is, finish your meal with one of their sweet treats. The Warm Melt Chocolate Cake (S$14++) is essentially a lava cake that is topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. The rich and intense chocolate makes it the perfect treat for all chocolate lovers!

Remember to drop by for their lunch special where you can get a signature burger and fries for only S$12++. This promotion is valid from Mondays to Fridays between 11am to 3pm.

If you are checking out their beer promotions instead, 25 Degrees Burger & Liquor Bar Singapore’s daily happy hour last from 3pm to 7pm where you get to enjoy 1-for-1 deals for fries and other food items, beer as well as cocktails.

25 Degrees Burger & Liquor Bar Singapore
200 Middle Road
Singapore 188980
Tel: +65 6809 7990
Daily: 11am - 3am
Nearest Station: Rochor / Bencoolen

This post is brought to you by 25 Degrees Burgers & Liquor Bar Singapore.