Royce’ – Celebrate Christmas With The New Nama Chocolate Port Charlotte Whisky

Royce Chocolate Christmas

Those who have tried Royce’ Chocolate will agree with us that no contenders have ever come close to beating this well-known Japanese chocolate brand for its dedication to producing high-quality confectionary and chocolates at reasonable prices. And no, we are not saying this solely because we have been fans of Royce’ for almost a decade.

We are such advocates of their mainstays, such as the legendary Nama Chocolate, the addictive Potatochip Chocolate and the rich Chocolate Bars which are manufactured in Hokkaido for its climate and clean air. When it comes to Royce’, you can be assured only the best chocolate making techniques and ingredients are used to uphold their reputation.

Royce Christmas 2017

For Christmas, Royce’ is introducing a range of festive goodies that will delight all chocolate aficionados. Look forward to the new Nama Chocolate “Port Charlotte”, The Royce’ Happy Selection Christmas and Royce’ Christmas Selection—these premium chocolate treats make excellent presents for your Christmas dinner host or Christmas gift exchanges!

Here’s what you can expect from Royce’s Christmas products this year.

Port Charlotte Whisky


Calling all you fellow whisky lovers! Royce’ is tickling taste buds with the Nama Chocolate “Port Charlotte” that is infused with single malt whisky. As part of the Nama Chocolate collection (which seriously are to die for), we would be lying if we said that we do not have very high expectations of their new seasonal flavour.

The single malt whisky “Port Charlotte Scottish Barley” found in the chocolate is made with only Scottish barley and matured in a village Port Charlotte on the island of Islay. This heavily peated whisky is chosen for its deep smoky aroma which compliments semi-sweet milk chocolate.

Nama Chocolate Port Charlotte

The initial whiff of the luxurious chocolate’s fruity whisky aroma got us on a high but it was after we popped those chocolate cubes into our mouths did we feel like we were teleported to chocolate and whisky heaven. The rich chocolate melted in our mouths to gradually unveil a rich fragrance from the whisky before leaving us with a dry smoky aftertaste.

Since the Nama Chocolate “Port Charlotte” contains 2.1% alcohol, do keep in mind that it is not suitable for children or those who cannot take alcohol.

Royce Happy Selection Christmas


Spending Christmas with your family? The young ones will absolutely love this adorable limited edition Christmas can from Royce’.

Filled with Pure Chocolate, Royce’ R Chocolate and a delightful assortment of popular chocolate products from Royce’, this “goodie bag” brings an uplifting Christmas spirit to any party or dinner that you are attending.

It is also a great gift for the fickle-minded ones who cannot decide what they like; just give them a little of everything!

Royce Christmas Selection


If you are visiting friends, relatives or even business associates during this special occasion, then you need to bring this box of goodies filled with Christmas cookies and popular chocolate treats such as their iconic Pure Chocolate and Amande Chocolat.

Other treats worth mentioning include Petit Kurumaro Chocolat, R Chocolat, Nutty & Fruity Bar Chocolate and Chocolate Wafers. We are so addicted to the Chocolate Wafers, by the way!

Royce Christmas Chocolate


From 14 to 25 Dec 2017, Royce’ will be running a special Christmas promotion! With a minimum spending of S$200 in one single receipt, customers are entitled to a mystery gift that is worth up to S$21.

Remember to mark down the dates on your shopping calendars because who doesn’t love a good freebie, right?

Royce Personalise Nama Chocolate


In line with the festive season, Royce’ is offering wrapping services exclusively for Nama Chocolates! All you have to do is to spend a minimum of S$50 (including the purchase of one Nama Chocolate) and you get to personalise your Nama Chocolate with your name on it!

This event is happening from 14 to 25 Dec 2017 and it will only be available at Royce’s outlets in ION Orchard, Tanjong Pagar, Tampines and Westgate.

Royce Christmas Chocolate Hamper


No matter how many times we have been to Royce’ at ION Orchard, we always look forward to our next visit—for more chocolate indulgence, of course. We never leave that chocolate heaven empty-handed.

The refined yet welcoming interior makes us feel right at home and who can resist that large selection of Royce’ Chocolates enshrined in polished glass cabinets? Chocolates may just be chocolates to some people but to us, it is always about the entire experience that makes Royce’ a notch above the rest.

And yes, our friends are definitely receiving Royce’ Chocolates from us for Christmas!

This post is brought to you by Royce’.