Sushi Jiro Singapore – 8-Piece Sushi Lunch At Only S$80++

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Sushi Jiro at Marina Mandarin Singapore is home to one of the finest Japanese dining experiences in Singapore. This quaint sushi restaurant does not disappoint with its fresh fish and seafood options, which are all air-flown from Tsukiji Market in Tokyo 4 times a week.

Helmed by Chef Kenji Nakagawa, who has had many years of experience under his belt, the sushi set lunch set is truly one to behold.

Expect a lavish feast comprising seasonal fish that make up their fresh sashimi and sushi—and even some rarities that cannot be found in conventional sushi restaurants.

Sushi Jiro Sushi Chef

From now until 09 Dec 2017, treat yourself to a quintessential sushi experience at Sushi Jiro at only S$80++ per pax when you like Sushi Jiro on Facebook and quote ‘ladyironchef’. This is an incredible deal and you will be guaranteed an unforgettable sushi meal.

Sushi Jiro Chef

Famed for being a sushi restaurant that values tradition, the restaurant’s interior is palatially designed to provide a cosy and comfortable environment to enjoy an unpretentious Japanese meal—much like the traditional Japanese sushi eateries of old. The sushi counter is only able to seat 10, making the experience a truly intimate one where you can feel free to converse with the chef as he prepares your lunch.

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The sushi counter also features an open display where diners can marvel at some pretty exotic seafood items from a variety of shellfish items to even shirako (cod sperm sac).

Sushi Jiro Sushi Platter


Sushi Jiro Singapore’s Sushi Course (S$100) consists of a starter, chawanmushi, 8 pieces of seasonal sushi, negitoro and ikura rice, miso soup and dessert.

The 8 sushi varieties we had were Hirame (flounder), Kinmedai (sea bream), Buri (wild yellowtail), Ebi (prawn), Kamasu (barracuda), Maguro (tuna), Kohada (anchovy) and our personal favourite, Chutoro (medium fatty tuna belly). Note that the variety might differ because every day’s highlights depend on the fish they import from Tokyo.

Sushi Jiro Sushi Collage

Each course was unique with a mix of delicate and fresh flavours. Chef Kenji handles each item with care, ensuring to not overwhelm your palate nor have one particular item outshine another.

Some—like the Chutoro—were served as it is, allowing you to savour the sheer decadence that is its rich and fatty contents while others such as the Maguro and the Kamasu were either seasoned with a gentle lick of their homemade shoyu, freshly grated wasabi to better bring out its natural flavours.

Going through the painstaking process of making their own shoyu right down to grating their own wasabi, you just know that Chef Kenji is the real deal. Most, if not all of the fresh fish and seafood served here are seasonal and deliberately chosen during specific seasons where they are the most delicious.

They are specially bid for and air-flown over to Singapore 4 times a week from Tsukiji Market in Tokyo!

Sushi Jiro Negitoro & Ikura Rice

The sushi course ends off with the Negitoro and Ikura Rice which is easily a crowd favourite on account of the perfectly struck balance of flavours and textures. Labelled as a ‘small bite’, the Negitoro donburi—which is traditionally made up of Negi (green onion) and Toro (fatty tuna belly)—features a generous serving of ikura, minced fatty tuna, sushi rice and a tiny smidgen of fresh wasabi.

Our recommendation is to include a bit of everything in a single bite to fully enjoy the flavour and textural components—from the gentle popping of the ikura, the rich and bold flavours of the fatty toro, right down to the tiny hit of wasabi which provides a nice touch of heat.

And you get the absolute discount if you quote ‘ladyironchef’ upon making your reservations. Instead of S$100++ per pax, pay only S$80++ per pax for this sushi lunch set.

Sushi Jiro Chirashi Don


Here’s an insider tip: You probably will not be able to find the Chirashi Don among Sushi Jiro’s menu offerings but make a simple request to have it made and Chef Kenji will be more than delighted to prepare it for you. The dish comprises generous servings of thickly cut sashimi and ikura that is all neatly placed atop premium Japanese rice.

Each individual fish boasts its own unique quality, from the fatty tuna to the umami-packed uni. For individuals who adore fresh sashimi, this is the ultimate indulgence.

The Chirashi Don is available at S$38++ per bowl.

Sushi Jiro Tempura


Should you find yourself craving for something fried, the Assorted Tempura (S$18++) off the a la carte menu promises to hit the spot. The dish is an assortment of ebi, fish and a variety of vegetable tempura—all of which are thinly coated in a light batter and deep-fried to crispy perfection.

Sushi Jiro Gindara Lunch Set


Sushi Jiro also has several lunch sets at S$58++.

Our favourite has got to be the Gindara Teriyaki which features a fillet of grilled Silver Cod that is given a lick of Sushi Jiro’s homemade teriyaki sauce. The oily fish had a robust and deeply charred flavour which the savoury, sweet sauce complemented very well.

The lunch set is served with several slices of sashimi, tofu, pickles, chawanmushi and miso soup.

Sushi Jiro Whiskey


For whisky connoisseurs, Sushi Jiro will be your haven. Boasting an impressive selection of Japanese whiskies from Hibiki to the world-renowned, Yamazaki, we went crazy with all the rare editions! If the finer aspects of Japanese culture can prove elusive to the Western psyche, much of the same could be said for the country’s whisky that boasts clean and very approachable flavour notes.

Your Japanese meal at Sushi Jiro will be complete with a glass of whisky.

Sushi Jiro Singapore
6 Raffles Boulevard
#04-600 Marina Mandarin Singapore
Singapore 039594
Tel: +65 6445 3055
Daily: 11.30am – 3pm, 6pm – 11pm
Nearest Station: Esplanade

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