Yoogane – Chicken Galbi, Army Stew, Korean Fried Chicken & 15% OFF


Yoogane Singapore is one of the most popular chicken galbi restaurants in South Korea. Having been established in Busan, South Korea nearly 3 decades ago with over 130 outlets, there is no doubt that this is a restaurant worth visiting for authentic Korean food that is both delicious and comforting.

For the uninitiated, chicken galbi is a tasty and spicy pan-fried dish comprising marinated chicken, fresh assorted vegetables, and tteokbokki (Korean rice cake). Simple in preparation, this iconic cold-weather staple is a must-try for all—spring, summer, autumn, winter alike.

Aside from their highly acclaimed chicken galbi, Yoogane in Singapore also features a myriad of stellar dishes such as Army Stew, Dosirak, and newly launched Korean-style fried chicken that features three lip-smacking flavours.

For the true taste of Korea without actually being there, head down to Yoogane Singapore today! And now through September 2017, quote ‘ladyironchef’ when placing your orders to enjoy a 15% discount off your entire bill.

Yoogane Tampiness Mall

There are a total of five Yoogane outlets in Singapore right now—more to come, of course.

The ambience in Tampines Mall, in particular, is modern, with the use of wood adding a subtle rustic feel. It features an open concept that is both welcoming and comfortable—an ideal setting for communal dining.

There is also a salad bar that guests can indulge in either prior to their meal as a starter or during as an accompaniment.

Yoogane Chicken Galbi

A meal at Yoogane is not complete without an order of their highly acclaimed Chicken Galbi, but if like us, you prefer having variety, then their Seafood and Chicken Galbi (S$52.90 for 2-3pax & S$59.90 for 3-4pax) is the way to go! We’d do this combo again and again.

Be spoiled for choice with this glorious medley that comprises tender chicken meat, baby octopus, squids, prawns and mussels all beautifully melded together in their unique spicy sauce marinade. Stir it up and enjoy them piping hot!

Yoogane Galbi Fried Chicken

New on Yoogane’s menu is the Korean fried chicken that comes in 3 different flavours—Galbi, Honey Citron and Bulgogi.

Yoogane’s chicken wings are marinated for a minimum of 12 hours to ensure that the flavour penetrates deep into the meat and is then coated with a light home-made batter. The end result is perfectly deep-fried chicken that is crunchy, juicy, fresh and flavourful—as authentic as Korean-style fried chicken gets.

An alternative to consider should you wish to elevate your fried chicken experience is to opt for the Fried Chicken Cheese Pool (S$13.90 for 6 pieces)—which is essentially three of the aforementioned flavours served atop a pool of warm, melty cheese filled with sweet corn for an added crunch.

Using a unique blend of sauces and seasoning, Mr Spicy or the Galbi Chicken Platter (S$10.90 for 6 pieces) features Yoogane’s signature Galbi sauce that is spicy, savoury and sweet. If you fancy a good kick out of your chicken then this is one to get.

Yoogane Honey Citron Fried Chicken

The Zesty Boss or Honey Citron Chicken Platter (S$10.90 for 6 pieces) is a non-spicy option that is perfect for children or people who do not particularly fancy spicy food in general.

Hand-brushed with their homemade honey citron recipe, be prepared to be blown away by the zest and tanginess from the citron and well-balanced sweetness from the honey. The melted cheese adds a nice savouriness to the dish which balances out the sweetness really well.

Yoogane Bulgogi Fried Chicken

Among the three options, we were most impressed by Sweet Chick or Bulgogi Chicken Platter (S$10.90 for 6 pieces). It features a specially crafted Bulgogi sauce that is rich and aromatic, encompassing strong flavours of soy and sesame. A simple concoction, yet the balance between sweet and savoury was struck beautifully.

Yoogane Korean Army Stew

Another of Yoogane’s more popular option for communal dining is the Army Stew (S$49.90) which delves away slightly from how it is traditionally done with the addition of succulent crab sticks and cheese-oozing chicken meatballs.

Yoogane Budae Jjigae

The taste of this everyday Korean comfort food is elevated with the addition of their signature chicken galbi, surrounded by a ring of mouth-watering melted cheese with mushroom and corn which did well to inject an element of crunch and savouriness.

Yoogane Korean Cold Noodles

Amidst all the spicy foods going around the table, a good dish to tune it down a notch is the Naengmyeon or cold noodles (S$11.90).

Chewy, slippery buckwheat noodles are served with a chilled broth flavoured with vinegar and mustard. Mix the runny yolk from the egg over the vegetables for a richer mouthful. Overall, this dish was refreshing and a great palate cleanser to have to round off the spicy meal.

Yoogane Korean Pancake

The Seafood Pancake has generous portions of seafood. The sauce that comes with it is not too salty and complements the pancake really well. This is a good and hearty side, more appropriate for sharing as it can get rather filling after awhile.

Yoogane Dosirak Korean Lunchbox

Another popular item here at Yoogane is the Dosirak (something like a bento box) that features 3 different types of meat—Chicken Bulgogi (S$12.90), Beef Bulgogi (S$13.90) and Chicken Galbi (S$12.90).

Each lunchbox comes served with either one of the meat choices, crispy chicken luncheon, a sunny side-up and more Korean side dishes. With so many ingredients packed into a small rectangular tin, this is a bento on steroids. It is perfect as a meal on-the-go if you do not have the luxury of time for a proper sit-down lunch.

Yoogane Singapore

With so many options available at Yoogane Singapore, lovers of Korean food fare are truly spoiled for choice. And as if this stellar line up of dishes is not enticing enough, a new Christmas dish is currently in the works, so stay tuned!

Meanwhile, for all of you lovely readers of ladyironchef, enjoy an exclusive 15% discount off your entire bill (except lunch sets) when you quote ‘ladyironchef’ when placing your orders. You are also required to like Yoogane Singapore on Facebook to qualify for the discount.

Do note that this discount is only valid from Mondays to Fridays, exclusive of PHs. The discount is valid from now until 30 Sep 2017.

Yoogane Singapore
4 Tampines Central 5,
Singapore 529510
Tel: +65 6544 1098
Daily: 11.30am – 10pm
Nearest Station: Tampines

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