Mui Kee – Famous Hong Kong Congee Opens In Singapore

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Popular Hong Kong congee stall, Mui Kee, has opened a pop-up restaurant in Singapore. In partnership with Les Amis Group, the Hong Kong institution will start a six month-long pop-up at Casa Verde in Singapore Botanic Gardens.

Mui Kee itself has a long and rich heritage, but what draws its customer fan base is the unique taste and texture of the congee itself. Using fish broth, pork bones and other ingredients like century egg, this congee takes comfort food to a whole new level. Those familiar with the name would know just how amazing their fish broth porridge is, and for those who are not, just imagine silky-smooth, velvety congee that brims with flavour.

This is comfort food like you have never had before, and if you ever needed a solid pick-me-up on a cold rainy day (or any day) then Mui Kee is definitely one to consider.

At Mui Kee’s pop-up, diners can choose from eight different types of congee that are popular among Mui Kee’s Hong Kong customers. They feature ingredients such as dace fish belly sautéed with rice wine, meatballs, pig’s innards and sliced beef.

The plain congee is perfect for a light yet satisfying meal—the fluffy, smooth texture is second to none. Meanwhile, the delicious fish stock adds a sweet and savoury aroma that makes the congee anything but plain.

The Cantonese-style porridge is available only in sets here, priced at S$12.50 and S$14.50.

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Apart from congee as the main dish, each set comes with crispy dough fritters and sliced century eggs topped with preserved ginger. Diners can also select other side dishes such as drunken chicken (S$10) and blanched kai lan (S$7).

Mui Kee is slated to open its own proper restaurant at the end of the year, with a fuller range of congee choices. For now, you can head to Mui Kee’s pop-up restaurant at Casa Verde. Do note that the congee will be available only during breakfast and lunch.

Mui Kee (Pop-Up restaurant) at Casa Verde
1 Cluny Rd
Singapore Botanic Gardens Visitor Centre
(Closed on Mondays)
Tue to Sun 7.30am - 3pm
Nearest Station: Botanic Gardens