Lickety Ice Cream & Waffles – New Cafe That Serves Egglet Waffles In A Cup

Lickety Ice Cream & Waffles Cover

Located at Bussorah Street, Lickety Ice Cream & Waffles—a new halal-owned dessert cafe by the team behind Fika Swedish Cafe & Bistro and Konditori Artisan Bakery—offers a pleasant array of ice cream and egglet waffles that will thrill the foodie in you.

Before we stepped into Lickety Ice Cream & Waffles, we were greeted by the ever so aesthetically pleasing Tiffany Blue that layered the exterior of this ice cream paradise. Decorated with pastel-coloured furniture and adorable ornaments, every corner of this cafe made for an Instagram-worthy shot.

Lickety Ice Cream & Waffles Decor

Do note that seating at Lickety Ice Cream & Waffles is limited as there are only two tables with seats inside and outside the cafe.

Lickety Red Velvet  Waffles

You can enjoy their egglet waffles in two ways—Buttermilk and Red Velvet. Thereafter, choose from a selection of ice cream flavours such as Lingonberry Swirl and Hazelnut Rocher to enjoy with your waffle. Toppings you can pick from include crushed Oreo cookies and marshmallows.

1 scoop of ice cream with 1 topping and a waffle would cost you S$8.90 and 2 scoops, 2 toppings and a waffle would amount to S$11.90. All waffles come in a paper cup which makes it a convenient treat to have during your exploration of Haji Lane or even just to eat at the cafe.

Lickety Red Velvet Egglet Waffles

We ordered the Red Velvet Waffle with a scoop of Hazelnut Rocher ice cream and Pocky sticks (S$8.90).

Aside from being an extremely pretty dessert, it was a pity that the waffle was not as crispy or “airy” as most egglet waffles usually are. Instead, it had a spongy texture similar to a regular waffle. Another thing that would have enhanced this dessert is if the red velvet taste of the waffle was not as muted.

Lickety Buttermilk Waffles

We also tried the Buttermilk Waffle with one scoop of Thai Milk Tea ice cream and mini marshmallows (S$8.90). Just like the Red Velvet Waffle, the Buttermilk Waffle had a spongy texture but it fared slightly better.

Lickety Ice Cream & Waffles Shopfront

For those of you who are familiar with the famous Oddies Foodies in Hong Kong, you might find that Lickety Ice Cream & Waffles has a rather similar concept. Lickety’s assembly of the dessert sure strikes a resemblance to the iconic Hong Kong dessert, except that Oddies Foodies’ version is a lot better.

But since nothing else in Singapore comes close, we’ll do with Lickety’s version whenever we have a hankering for some egglet waffle dessert.

Lickety Ice Cream & Waffles 
34 Bussorah Street,
Singapore 199452
Tel: +65 6291 7670
Daily: 12pm – 11pm
Nearest Station: Bugis / Nicoll Highway

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