Oddies Foodies – Ridiculously Photogenic Egg Waffle Ice Cream in Hong Kong

Oddies Foodies Night Wolf

There are so many star items and must-eats in Hong Kong. Apart from dim sum and roast goose, Hong Kong is also home to some of the most amazing desserts we’ve tried.

Oddies Foodies has been an internet sensation in the last year, and we are unashamed to say that we are one of those fans who would queue up for a cup of the ridiculously photogenic egg waffle with ice cream.

But of course, we are not the only ones who are obsessed with this Gai Daan Jai Parfait.

This inconspicuous outlet in Wan Chai is easy to miss. Its unassuming shopfront is really just a tiny kiosk that is predominantly white with a small logo.

Oddies Foodies has successfully combined Hong Kong’s popular street snack gai daan jai with Western desserts. The owner graduated from reputable Le Cordon Bleu in France and proceeded to create an eclectic variation of East-meets-West ice cream desserts.

Oddies Foodies

The idea here at Oddies Foodies is pretty simple. Primarily made up of egg waffles – or what we all know as gai daan jai – and Italian gelato, every cup is a sight to behold.

It is also somewhat like a deconstructed dessert, where various in-house bakes and are chopped up into bite-sized pieces and layered to create the iconic parfaits.

Our pick is most definitely the Night Wolf (HK$50 / S$9.18) – a delightful cup of low-fat gelato, layered with brownie and chocolate chip gai daan jai that is so sinfully decadent, buttery crumble, caramelised banana ice cream and passionfruit panna cotta.

There are seasonal desserts and flavours from time to time, but if you are gonna have only one cup, Night Wolf it shall be. Some classics stay gold forever.

Oddies Foodies
Mon: Closed
Tue to Sun: 1pm – 10pm
Shop 1F, G/F, 149 Wan Chai Road
Nearest Station: Wan Chai

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