KFC’s New Chicken & Waffles Breakfast Is The OTP You Need To Know About

KFC Breakfast Sets

A good, hearty breakfast starts your day right. And it puts you in a good mood if you are eating something awesome.

If your usual jam and peanut butter sandwich breakfast is starting to bore you, we have something more exciting to tell you. KFC is launching a new breakfast product on their menu which combines two of Singaporeans’ favourite food—waffles and chicken! Now, who said the world-famous KFC Original Recipe Chicken is only available for lunch and dinner? You can have it for breakfast too!

Inspired by the recent sweet and savoury food trend, all eyes will be on the Waffle Chicken Riser and Waffle Chicken Platter when they launch on 26 July 2017. 

KFC Waffle Sets


If there is one reason why we are always anticipating seasonal items and new recipes from KFC, that is because they are always up-to-date with the latest food trends that captures the nation’s attention.

Those who have been following us would know about our obsession with Chicken & Waffles; this typical American-diner food is constantly on our minds and honestly, we would continue having it even when the trend dies down.

Imagine our delight when we found out that KFC is offering not one but two new breakfast items comprising fluffy waffles and fried chicken!

Waffle Chicken Riser


No time to stop by for a full breakfast? No worries! The Waffle Chicken Riser is perfect for both dining in and takeaway. All the flavourful ingredients are piled on top of each other just like a burger so you can grab a quick bite while you are on the go.

You will find KFC’s Signature Original Recipe chicken fillet, fresh whole egg and a slice of cheese in between two pieces of warm toasted waffles. To top it all off, the waffles will be drizzled with sweet maple syrup sauce so you get a combustion of sweet and savoury flavours.

Get the Waffle Chicken Riser Meal at S$5.60 which will entitle you to 1 Waffle Chicken Riser, 1 Hash Brown and 1 Hot Coffee. It is also worth mentioning that only premium Java Arabica and Robusta beans are used to brew your cuppa!

KFC Waffle Chicken


Lo and behold, our current favourite on KFC’s breakfast menu—Waffle Chicken Platter. It has everything you would ever need to wake up to.

The plate of goodness includes KFC’s Signature Original Recipe chicken fillet, buttery scrambled eggs, crispy hash brown, two pieces of sinfully good turkey bacon and two pieces of toasted waffles. The flavourful scrambled eggs melted in our mouths and all of us at the table polished it off in an instant.

Enjoy the Waffle Chicken Platter Meal for S$7.90, which comes with 1 Waffle Chicken Platter and 1 Hot Coffee. That’s an extremely affordable breakfast option, considering you get both a full breakfast platter and a morning pick-me-up!

KFC Pancake Platter


Of course, the mainstays of KFC’s breakfast menu are still available at all KFC outlets in Singapore. The Pancakes & Turkey Bacon Platter is an all-time favourite and we can see why it is so popular.

Every order comes with creamy scrambled eggs, golden brown hash brown, two pieces of fried turkey bacon and soft, fluffy pancakes that are paired with rich butter and maple syrup.

With both sweet and savoury items on the platter, this is what we call “having the best of both worlds”.

KFC Breakfast Wraps


Anyone a fan of wraps? You get two delectable choices from KFC’s breakfast menu.

The Original Recipe Twister is a mixture of classic breakfast items combined in one wrap—filled with Original Recipe chicken fillet chunks, scrambled eggs, sliced tomatoes, cheddar cheese and drizzled with mayonnaise.

Those who prefer something stronger can opt for the American Twister instead. Expect to see ingredients such as turkey bacon slices, scrambled eggs, hash brown and savoury cheese sauce in a toasted tortilla wrap.

KFC Porridge Set


On days when you are looking for something comforting, the Original Recipe Porridge will do the trick. We love the consistency of the porridge, which was neither too thick nor too watery for our liking.

The addition of KFC’s Signature Original Recipe chicken fillet, chopped spring onions and crispy shallots gave it more textural variety and flavours.

KFC Breakfast Platter

From Wednesday (26 July 2017) onwards, head down to any KFC outlet in Singapore for breakfast and be among the firsts to indulge in their new Waffle Chicken Riser and Waffle Chicken Platter!

This is definitely one of their best breakfasts yet.

This post is brought to you by KFC Singapore.