AMK Hub Is Throwing A Durian Feast Party You Cannot Miss From Now To 13 Aug

AMK Durian Feast

Calling all fellow durian fans! Stop everything you are doing and read this: there is a Durian Feast Party happening right now at the main entrance of AMK Hub. The event will run daily from now until 13 Aug 2017, 5pm to 10pm.

Look forward to an extensive array of high-quality durians which include new flavours and familiar favourites such as Musang King and D24. The durian stalls are run by three local durian kings who are experts in this field.

Cannot get enough of the King of Fruits? Well, you know this is one epic party you should not miss for the world. After all, you get the best harvest only during this time of the year. You have to scoot to AMK Hub right about now.

AMK Hub Durian Feast Party


Enjoy the King of Fruits like how it should be enjoyed at this unpretentious durian party. Held at the open space in front of AMK Hub’s level 1 main entrance, you will find long communal tables which are perfect for groups. Bring your family and friends along to enjoy this marvellous feast!

AMK Durian Party


Love durians but unsure of which type(s) you should buy? Rest assured that you will be entrusted in good hands of the friendly durian sellers. All you have to do is to share with them your preference and they will pick the durians for you.

As they are able to open the durians on the spot, you can see for yourself that only the best is given to you. This is also a chance to learn more about the various durian breeds and their distinctly different flavours.

Durian Stalls


Durian aficionados will love the impressive durian display stacked up at the Durian Feast Party. Nothing beats being surrounded by our favourite fruit in the world—apart from eating it, of course!


Let your taste buds go on a wild journey with the ever popular Musang King, followed by Red Prawn, Green Skin, Golden Phoenix, D24, D13… the list goes on. The durian breeds that are available at the Durian Feast Party varies according to the current season and weather.

For those who are not in the know, durians do not all taste the same! Musang King, for example, comes with a bittersweet taste; Red Prawn species are usually sweet and those who enjoy bitter durians should go for Golden Phoenix.

Durian Stall

Gloves are provided at the Durian Feast Party but you can also choose to use your bare hands to fully immerse into the experience just like what we did.

The event organisers also equipped the place with sinks at the back of the stalls so you can wash your hands thoroughly when you are done.



Besides durians, there will be other tropical fruits such as rambutans and mangosteens as well. Take a break in between full-flavoured durians and balance the flavours with milder tasting fruits.

It is also important to keep yourself hydrated when eating durians and we recommend having some coconuts to go along with your feast. The refreshing coconut juice will help to avoid excess internal body heat. Otherwise, be sure to drink plenty of plain water!

Durians In Box


No, the party is not over yet. Head indoors for even more durian delicacies and desserts at Basement 1 in AMK Hub (opposite Swensen’s).

You will find classic durian pastry creations in the likes of D24 durian puffs, mochi and so on. These durian confections are sure to delight all those with a sweet tooth.

AMK Hub Durian Stalls

We had a ball of fun at the Durian Feast Party, sampling many different durian varieties which were so creamy, rich and delicious. If you love durians as much as we do, you would have a great time there too. Be sure to head down early to beat the crowd, especially over the weekends!

Durian Feast Party
14 July 2017 to 13 August 2017
5pm to 10pm
Level 1, AMK Hub Main Entrance

53 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3
Singapore 569933
Nearest Station: Ang Mo Kio

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