Délifrance Singapore – Awesome New Chicken Rendang Croissant Burger

Delifrance Rendang Croissant Burger

Last month, Délifrance Singapore launched a seasonal menu of two special croissant burger, mini cheesecakes and profiteroles. The good news is they are staying for a while more!

Now, wait for it. On top of the extension, Délifrance Singapore will be launching the Chicken Rendang Croissant Burger (S$12.90/set) on 23 May 2017, available until 3 July 2017.

You get a generous amount of Rendang chicken in your croissant burger and every bite is ultra-satisfying! Here is what we love about this exciting new addition!

Délifrance Singapore is a household name known for affordable, impeccable French pastries. To excite the Singapore audience, the brand has introduced the Chicken Rendang Croissant Burger.

Incorporating local flavours into Western dishes is something that many Singaporeans can appreciate. Using spices and flavours from classic Singaporean dishes gives us a comforting feeling and this new croissant burger will not disappoint.

Rendang Croissant Burger Delifrance

The rendang flavour was spot on and the spices were very well-balanced. The juicy cubes of chicken are evenly bathed in the sauce and every burger comes with a very satisfying portion of chicken rendang.

Together with the buttery and flaky croissant bun, every bite sent us straight to rendang heaven. It really reminds us of digging into chicken rendang with some freshly made roti prata.

In case the kids are worried, the rendang is also not too spicy so everyone can enjoy this. Wash the robust rendang flavours down with the cup of Iced Orange Blossom Tea. This refreshing tea gives a nice, sweet and citrusy ending to a gratifying meal.

You know what? Just go for the Chicken Rendang Croissant set (S$12.90) because it comes with two Pandan Madeleines and cup of the Hot Orange Blossom Tea.

This post is brought to you by Délifrance Singapore.