KFC’s New Shoyu Sansho Chicken & Vanilla Custard Puff Are #Oishiok

KFC Shoyu Chicken

Nothing gives Singaporeans a sense of satisfaction like sinking our teeth into deep-fried chicken. When we are in the mood for some sinfully good fried chicken that is value-for-money (which is almost all the time), KFC always comes to mind.

While we are all loyal fans of their regular menu items, it is exciting to see new seasonal dishes that launches every so often. Prepare your hearts for what has come this Sakura season—it is the new Japanese-flavoured Shoyu Sansho Chicken. Yes, it is simply #Oishiok!

Besides that, KFC is also introducing a new Vanilla Custard Puff as a sweet treat to complement your meal. Sounds good? It sure is.

KFC Singapore Shoyu

Inspired by Singaporeans’ love for Japanese cuisine, the Shoyu Sansho Chicken is a unique fusion of Japanese flavours and the evergreen ‘Original’. The Japanese terms ‘shoyu’ and ‘Sansho’ refer to soy sauce and pepper respectively.

Fresh chicken is first immersed in shoyu marinade so that it gives off a distinctive rich flavour that sets it apart from KFC’s original deep-fried chicken.

If you find that the chicken skin is extra crispy, that is because the Shoyu Sansho Chicken is coated with bits of rice crackers. To top it all off, the chicken pieces are seasoned with Sansho pepper seaweed.

Following what the Japanese always say, oishii desu ne!

KFC Shoyu Sancho Box

We gave the Shoyu Sansho Chicken high points for its lovely presentation. Deep-fried into a lovely shade of dark reddish brown, the skin crackled delightfully when pulled apart and tiny crispy bits were falling out. This was an #Oishiok moment for all of us!

Those who enjoyed KFC’s Umakara chicken from last year might notice that the Shoyu Sansho Chicken bear a similar resemblance, except for the difference in Japanese spices used.

KFC Choyu Set

The Shoyu Sansho Chicken Meal goes for S$7.90 which comes with 2 pieces of Shoyu Sansho Chicken, 1 regular Whipped Potato, 1 regular Coleslaw and 1 regular SJORA Mango Peach drink.

KFC Shoyu Chicken

But the Shoyu Sansho Box (S$9.50) is a better deal. You get 2 pieces of Shoyu Sansho Chicken, 2 Cheese Poppers, 2 pieces of Crispy Tenders, 1 regular Whipped Potato and 1 regular SJORA Mango Peach drink (not inclusive of Vanilla Custard Puff).

We were going nuts for the Cheese Poppers. Encased in a crispy potato shell was thick, gooey cheese that flowed out upon the first bite.

Those who have tried KFC’s crispy tenders will know that the fillet meat has been marinated and hand breaded with the addition of special seasoning to make it more crispy. Dip it into chili sauce for an extra spicy kick!

KFC Vanilla Custard Puff

Besides the new Shoyu Sansho Chicken, KFC is adding on a new dessert into their seasonal menu. The Vanilla Custard Puff is a guilty pleasure we are willing to forgo our diet plans for and is the perfect ending to a wonderful KFC meal.

Look forward to indulging in creamy vanilla custard oozing out from choux pastry that has been baked until it is golden brown. The Vanilla Custard Puff is a must-try new dessert!

Going at a wallet-friendly price of only S$1.90 each, you even get ONE FREE Vanilla Custard Puff with a purchase of 5 pieces at S$9.50.

KFC Singapore Shoyu Chicken

The Shoyu Sansho Chicken and Vanilla Custard Puff is available at most of the KFC outlets in Singapore. Beat the crowd to it by heading down to the nearest KFC outlet now and try it for yourself before it’s too late!

This post is brought to you by KFC Singapore.