TungLok Teahouse Square 2 – Dim Sum Delivered On An Automated Tray

Tunglok Teahouse Food

We are such big fans of TungLok Group’s arsenal of restaurants and one of the places we frequent is TungLok Teahouse for their delectable, handcrafted dim sum. This casual dining restaurant has extremely competitive prices—which means you can always pop by to satisfy your dim sum cravings even if you are on a budget!

TungLok Teahouse at Square Two recently underwent a transformation: From a retro old-school Chinese Teahouse, to a place which revolutionizes the way dim sum is served. Hint: there is automation and interaction involved here.

After all these years, it remains as one of our all-time favourite places for reliable dim sum.

TungLok Teahouse Diner

At first look, the new TungLok Teahouse at Square 2 resembles a classic American Diner with its green and red booths. It is indeed refreshing for a dim sum restaurant.

The restaurant has implemented a new dining concept with its tray delivery system. Choose to sit where the action is at, the booths, which cater to group of four or six; or the round tables at the side of the restaurant which seat bigger groups.

The chefs will prepare the orders upon receiving the electronic orders made via an iPad at every table—this is to ensure that every basket and plate of dim sum is steamed to order and served fresh and piping hot.

TungLok Tea House Tray Dim Sum

Then comes the interesting part—look out for your food which will be delivered to your table straight from the kitchen via the “tray”.

We felt like we were kids again, having so much fun exploring a new game that has just been launched. This new system also means that your waiting time is greatly reduced!

Tunglok Teahouse Piglet Buns


Cartoon dim sum will always capture our hearts, which is what the Mini Piglet BBQ Buns (S$5.30++ – 3 pieces) at TungLok Teahouse did. On top of being adorable, we gave this dish additional points for its taste too.

We tore apart the soft bun and were delighted to be greeted with a generous portion of barbequed pork and sweet sauce.

Tunglok Teahouse Siew Mai

TungLok Teahouse’s signature Steamed Siew Mai with Quail Egg and Truffle (S$5.80++ – 4 pieces) completely blew our minds. Who would have thought the classic dim sum could be reinvented this way?!

We loved how we were surprised by the runny quail egg yolk when we bit into the pork and shrimp siew mai. And as if the sweetness from the egg wasn’t enough, black truffle is added for an overall elevation of the taste!

We are never looking at siew mai the same way again.

Tunglok Teahouse Cheong Fun

Steamed Cheong Fun (rice rolls) is a staple in most dim sum restaurants and you bet it is a must-order at TungLok Teahouse.

We liked the textural variety in the Steamed Prawn Rice Rolls ‘Cheong Fun’ (S$6.80++). Imagine fresh plump prawns, vegetables and crispy vermicelli wrap, combined together in delicate rice noodle rolls before it is drenched with light soya sauce.

TungLok Teahouse Baked BBQ Buns

Many of you will agree with us that good baked pork buns should come with flaky tops and are soft to bite. Besides that, it is also crucial that the sweet and savoury bits from the bun and juicy pork have to go well together.

That is what you would get with the Baked BBQ Pork Buns (S$4.80++ – 3 pieces) at TungLok Teahouse. Since our first trip, we had concluded that this is a must-try at TungLok Teahouse and our stand remains today.

TungLok Dim Sum

Other dim sum choices you get are Steamed Shrimp Dumplings ‘Har Gao’ (S$5.30++ – 4 pieces), Baked Mini Egg Tarts (S$4.30++ – 3 pieces), Deep-fried Yam Puffs with Truffle (S$4.30++ – 3 pieces) and Steamed Juicy Meat Buns ‘Xiao Long Bao’ (S$5.30++ – 4 pieces).

TungLok Boxer Chicken


Boxer Chicken (S$8++) is so sinfully good that it is worth every damn calorie. Although the limelight at TungLok Teahouse is the dim sum, it would be a shame to miss out on this crispy delight.

Deep fried to perfection, you can enjoy the chicken with the chilli dip for a spicy kick.

TungLok Roast Meat


The Duo BBQ Meat Combination Platter (S$20++) is a plate of roasted goodness that comes with ‘Char Siew’ and Roast Irish Duck. Roasted to a glorious shade of deep red, the best part of the roast duck has got to be its crispy skin.

Well, we don’t think you need another reason to be convinced, right? Good roast meats are worth the while.

TungLok Fried Seafood Mee Sua


This pot of Braised Prawns with Vermicelli in X.O. Sauce (S$18++) comes with prawns and tanghoon. It was flavourful with a distinct wok hei, and as simple as it may look, it was an unforgettable item from our lunch that afternoon.

TungLok Teahouse
10 Sinaran Drive
#01-73 Square 2
Singapore 307506
Tel: +65 6893 1123
Mon to Fri: 11am – 3pm, 5.30pm – 10pm
Sat & Sun: 11am – 3pm, 3pm – 5pm (high tea), 5.30pm – 10pm
Nearest Station: Novena

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