Pan Pacific Orchard, Singapore – The Best Penang Buffet At Only S$98++ For 2 Pax

Pan Pacific Orchard Penang Buffet

This March, the Pearl Of Orient Penang Fiesta makes its return to the award-winning 10 at Claymore, situated in the lobby of Pan Pacific Orchard, Singapore.

Since its debut last year, Executive Chef Andy Oh (who hails from the quaint town of Penang, Malaysia), has worked with his team to put together a big spread of authentic Penang dishes, which features iconic dishes as the tangy, spicy Penang Assam Curry Fish and the traditional Penang Bak Kut Teh. 

The Pearl Of Orient Penang Fiesta will only be running until the end of May this year, so be sure to make a reservation and have a taste of the finest and authentic Penang cuisine in Singapore.

Lobster on ice

On top of the Penang dishes, the buffet also features fresh offerings of seafood, especially freshly shucked oysters, lobsters and scallops—you will get your money’s worth when you dine there during dinner.

From 01 March 2017 to 31 May 2017, simply quote ‘ladyironchef’ to enjoy a Pearl Of Orient Penang Fiesta Dinner buffet at S$98++ for 2 persons.

Pan Pacific Orchard Penang Fiesta

During the process of creating this menu, Executive Chef Andy and his team sought to design a menu that would reflect and “carry on the tradition of offering a variety of classic Penang dishes to bring diners as close as possible to the experience of walking along the streets of Penang.”

With that mission in mind, diners would be pleased to note that ingredients used have either been directly sourced from Penang or are the freshest and most premium of ingredients from local suppliers.

Pan Pacific Orchard Assam Fish

One dish you must look out for is the new Penang Assam Curry Fish. This is definitely one of the most exciting dishes that Executive Chef Andy has added this season!

We loved it for its extremely tasty and tangy sauce. Till today, we cannot forget that distinct aroma when the dish was first served to us. The robust flavours lingered, and we are salivating just at the thought of it now!

Pan Pacific Orchard Penang Nonya Perut Yikan

The Penang Nonya Perut Yikan is a dish that is prepared with Fish Stomach meat—a rarity in Singapore. Although most would usually avoid eating this part of the fish, we encourage you to throw away all preconceived notions of the fish stomach and to dig right into this dish.

The meat is soft and tender sans the overly strong fishy smell.

Pan Pacific Orchard Char Koay Teow

Although the signatures of 10 at Claymore include the Penang Char Assam Laksa and the Penang Prawn Noodles, our absolute favourite has still got to be, and will always be the Penang Char Koay Teow.

As the saying goes, old is gold. This is the dish that most would definitely want to get their hands on during a trip to Penang. The tasty fried flat noodles, coupled with juicy prawns and Blue Crab meat (oh my goodness!) amongst other ingredients, is accompanied by the distinct Wok Hei taste that is so hard to replicate and find in Singapore today.

Pan Pacific Orchard Penang Bak Kut Teh

One of our favourite dishes of the buffet is the traditional Penang Bak Kut Teh. A pork rib broth infused with special herbs and Sarawak peppercorn, Executive Chef Andy’s version of the Bak Kut Teh is a blend of both the peppery Singaporean version and herbal Malaysian style.

The broth is extremely nourishing for it is cooked with dang gui, chuan kong and ginseng root. What made this broth perfect for us was the slight hint of pepper amidst the amazing aroma of pork.

Pan Pacific Orchard Penang Kueh Pie Tee

A crispy tart shell that is filled with savoury sliced vegetables and prawns, the Penang Kueh Pie Tee is another intricate yet simple and timeless Penang dish that is hard to not love.

Pan Pacific Orchard Ngoh Hiang

This year, the Pearl of Orient Penang Fiesta buffet spread will also carry one of our local favourites—the five spices Ngoh Hiang. Paired together with sliced century eggs, this was a dish that we thoroughly enjoyed as the beancurd skin was crispy and the meat filling was super juicy!

Pan Pacific Orchard Indian Rojak

The rojak offered at this year’s Penang Fiesta would comprise for the first time, Penang Pasembur (a rojak that is almost similar to our Singapore Indian Rojak). When eaten, it is dipped into a savoury, spicy sauce served on the side.

What makes the Pasembur really special is that it is closely associated with Penang, and can be eaten at Gurney Drive.

Pan Pacific Orchard Penang Rojak

Then there is the Penang Rojak – also known as mixed fruit salad with shrimp paste – made with the shrimp paste hand-carried by Executive Chef Andy, all the way from his hometown in Penang.

It was brilliant. The Penang Rojak’s sweet sauce is infused with rich prawn flavours before being showered with a generous helping of peanuts, which brings about the ideal balance of sweet and salty.

Compared to regular expectations of a Singapore-style rojak, we are confident that this dish will strike a positive chord with all, even for those who usually avoid eating rojak.

Pan Pacific Orchard Nonya Kueh

Before you stuff yourselves silly with all the other savoury dishes, do make sure that you leave some space for the great spread of homemade Penang desserts; the Penang Kueh Katayap and the Penang Ondeh Ondeh are to die for.

Indeed, it is the touch of hands that really transforms a dish from zero to hero. Pastry Chef Eric has made the Penang Kueh Talam from scratch by extracting the juice from pandan leaves as well as freshly grated coconut milk.

When we tasted the Penang Kueh Talam, the dessert had an extremely smooth texture, and the fragrant flavours of the coconut and pandan melted in our mouths. Definitely a must-try, guys!

Once again, our readers can quote ‘ladyironchef’ to enjoy the Penang Fiesta buffet at S$58++ for two (U.P. S$42++ per pax) during lunch from Monday to Friday, and at S$98++ for two (U.P. S$68++ per pax) during dinner from Monday to Sunday.

If you are going for lunch, do note that it is more of an international buffet with a limited selection of Penang dishes; only the signature Penang items will be available. The dinner buffet is where you get the full range of the Penang local dishes that we’ve featured in this post.

However, do also note that the menu items at the Penang Fiesta buffet are on a rotational basis, and subject to change without prior notice.

This exclusive promotion** is available from 01 March 2017 to 31 May 2017, terms and conditions apply.

**Not valid on any special occasions, the eve of public holidays or on public holidays. **Blackout and closed-out dates apply.
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