Mitzo’s CNY Reunion Dinner 2017 – This Is One Dinner That Will Impress Everyone

Mitzo CNY 17

Every year, there are festivities and occasions that we look forward to, because those are times when we would gather with our loved ones over good food. Chinese New Year is one of them, and family dinners are so precious.

Because it is a yearly tradition, we always pick the best restaurants for our dinners. Well, there is no need to scrimp when it comes to treating your family, yes?

Mitzo is a perennial favourite among each and everyone in our family, and its Lunar feast is nothing short of luxurious and resplendent.

We had first dips of the set menus and boy, you need to bring your family there. The modern Cantonese cuisine will wow both the young and old.

Mitzo CNY Soup


Most Chinese restaurants do huge set menus and you need an arsenal in order to dine, but Mitzo recognised the need for smaller menus because, well, a couple is a family too.

The Prosperity Delights I is a set menu for two (or more), and it is priced at S$128+  per person. It is also a menu with most of our favourites. In this menu, you get 6 items, ranging from soup to rice & noodles to desserts.

We were so won over by the soup. You may be puzzled; of all items, soup? Yes, soup—the Fish Maw Soup with Pumpkin, Bamboo Pith & Chicken Soup. With all that premium ingredients, the soup is naturally thickened and it was smooth and sweet in every sip.

Mains include Tea-smoked Duck, Braised Sea Bass with Roasted Pork Belly & Mushrooms and Stir-fried Scallops with Dried Oyster & Asparagus.

Mitzo Lobster Fried Rice

And then, we have the Lobster Fried Rice with Pork Liver & Preserved Sausage. As if it does not sound interesting enough, the real surprise comes when you take your first mouthful of rice. The brilliant chef added rice krispies for a textural crunch!

Mitzo CNY Dessert

The dessert is a beautiful Dual Cream of Sweet Potato Served with Golden Pineapple Bag. The cream is similar to our usual almond cream (but better), with bits of sweet potato in between bites. And the pineapple bag is just so befitting of Chinese New Year; it is every bit tasty as it is auspicious. Your mum will be pleased.

Mitzo Yu Sheng


Moving on to the big menu if you have a bigger dining group, we are looking at the Fortune Feast I at S$688++ per table (for 5) and S$1,288++ per table (for 10). Ready for what’s in?

It starts off with Mitzo’s signature Pearls of Prosperity Kanpachi Kingfish Yu Sheng. This is not your regular yu sheng; it is an elevated version with luxurious kingfish (chewy clear flesh) and the addition of lychee pearls that burst with sweetness.

Pen Cai Mitzo

This menu comes with the same Fish Maw Soup that we loved, and the much awaited pen cai. Luxuriate in the Superior Fortune Pot that is made up of abalone, dried scallop, flower mushroom, deep-fried fish maw, sea cucumber, roast duck, dried oyster, “hua diao” prawn, cabbage, white radish, lotus root, roasted pork belly and fa cai. That was a mouthful, but in other words, LOTS OF SUPERIOR INGREDIENTS.

Fortune Feast I also comes with a steamed live Soon Hock and Steamed Rice with Chinese Sausage, and the Dual Cream of Sweet Potato.

Another variation is Fortune Feast II (S$788++ for table of 5 and S$1,388++ for table of 10), which has the same yu sheng, soup and pen cai, as well as the Lobster Fried Rice that we really enjoyed. The desserts are the Dual Cream of Sweet Potato, as well as a Homemade Koi Fish Nian Gao.

Mitzo Lobster Pen Cai


Looking for an even bigger menu for big families and/or corporate dinners? Mitzo has several menus that cater to a group of ten, and they are Auspicious Harvest I (S$1,388++ for table of 10), Auspicious Harvest II (S$1,588++ for table of 10), Fortune Feast I (S$1,288++ for table of 10), Fortune Feast II (S$1,388++ for table of 10) and Fortune Feast III (S$1,488++ for table of 10).

They are pretty similar, with just a few varying items. Key items to look out for include are Stir-Fried XO Lobster Claw Topped with Shrimps & Seasonal Vegetables (available in Auspicious Harvest I), and Truffle Noodles with Lobster Claw & Prawn (available in Auspicious Harvest I and Fortune Feast III).

Mitzo Nian Gao

All sets for table of ten include the Pearls of Prosperity Kanpachi Kingfish Yu Sheng, Fish Maw Soup with Pumpkin, Bamboo Pith & Chicken Soup, Superior Fortune Pot, Dual Cream of Sweet Potato Served with Golden Pineapple Bag and Homemade Koi Fish Nian Gao.

Mitzo Main Dining Area

Mitzo is known for its impressive range of artisanal and bespoke cocktails and the Spring Blossom—a smoky & sweet mezcal cocktail—is the best pairing to go with the dishes from the Chinese New Year menu.

Mitzo’s Chinese New Year set menus are available from 14 Jan 2017 to 11 Feb 2017.

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