Awfully Chocolate Christmas Hamper – The Best Christmas Gift Idea For Everyone

Awfully Chocolate Christmas Hamper 2016

Homegrown chocolatier, Awfully Chocolate, has an entire empire locally and the brand’s success has also brought about regional expansion. Today, the brand has a portfolio of restaurants, concept cafes and they even have their name brand chocolate treats sold in supermarkets in the region.

So, you can understand why we trust anything they dish out; their chocolate treats are irresistible!

Christmas is just around the corner and with it comes the painstaking task of gift-giving. The joy of giving is a wonderful thing to relish but what stresses most people out is undoubtedly the decision-making.

However, with Awfully Chocolate’s yearly Christmas hampers, you are set. Kick away your worries; the 2016 hamper has all the best chocolate treats, together with a celebratory bottle of Merlot. It is the best one yet, and here are all the amazing treats you can find in Awfully Chocolate Christmas Hamper for 2016.


Awfully Chocolate’s Christmas Hamper is sleek and beautiful. The textured black box embodies elegance, and the hamper is presented with a red ribbon and gift tag.

This is surely one gift to impress. And it solves the problem of gender preference if you are buying this for generic gift exchange; anyone would be happy to receive this, and everyone else would just be upset that they weren’t your secret elves.

Awfully Chocolate Marquise Cake


The star of the show is definitely the Chocolate Marquise Cake.

Instead of their usual classic All Chocolate Cake, this year’s hamper comes with an understated Chocolate Marquise Cake. It is a rich and extremely intense chocolate cake swirled with more chocolate.

Yes, this cake is even richer than their Superstacked Cake and is no less decadent. The cake (12 inches diameter) is good for an average of 20 guests.

Awfully Chocolate Ganache Truffles


The next thing you can look forward to is the Ganache Truffles. Fresh, dark chocolate truffles filled with luscious chocolate ganache sits beautifully in a slide-out box.

Bite into a truffle and you will be greeted with smooth and rich chocolate ganache that will dazzle your heart. We fell in love on first bite and it is probably the next best thing in the hamper.

Awfully Chocolate Salted Butterscotch Brownie


The Salted Butterscotch Brownie has been around for years and it is definitely a crowd favourite. We like the brownies warmed up for a bit in the oven and topped with a scoop of ice cream. In this hamper, you get a full-sized brownie, cut up into 9 bite-sized portions with adorable spatula forks.

Warm them for no more than 10 seconds in an oven or microwave and the result is to-die-for. The butterscotch combined with the rich chocolate brownie base is a match made in heaven.

Awfully Chocolate Cookies


What is Christmas without some tasty cookies? The idea of having rustic cookies throughout the Christmas period, especially Chocolate Chip Cookies, warms our heart.

In the hamper, you get two different types of cookies—Artisanal Chocolate Cookies in Double Chocolate Chip and White Chocolate Macadamia Cookies.

The former has generous and even amounts of chocolate throughout each bite. The White Chocolate Macadamia Cookies is a sweeter option with macadamia nuts and white chocolate.

Awfully Chocolate Gift


Awfully Chocolate is one of the best chocolatiers around in town; of course, they would create some pretty mean chocolate bars.

Awfully Chocolate Chocolate Bars

There are three in total in the hamper—Smooth Milk, Bittersweet and Very Dark to suit every preference.

Egot Merlot Red Wine


Well, people are obsessed with #legsfordays, but we just want our wine. Every hamper comes with a bottle of Egot Merlot Sangiovese.

You’d be surprised; Merlot actually goes extremely well with chocolate!

The Christmas Hamper must be ordered at least 3 days in advance. Prices are inclusive of GST. Delivery charge at S$10.70 per location.

This post is brought to you by Awfully Chocolate.