Krazy Salad Bar: Hidden Gem In Toa Payoh You Never Knew About + Unlimited Steaks At S$20.90

Krazy Salad Bar

Sitting in the heartlands of Singapore, in the bustling neighbourhood of Toa Payoh is Krazy Salad Bar, a nondescript eatery that is more than just salad. It is a semi-buffet place that has a full menu of Western main courses and we love them for their value-for-money main course + salad bar concept.

Of course, it is up to you whether you want to go for the full works, and you can always just opt for just the main course or the salad buffet. But if we are telling you that for under S$20, you get free flow of main courses, salad and desserts, would you not be tempted?

Now, this offer right in the heart of Toa Payoh Central is a gem—yes you need to check out Krazy Salad Bar.

From now until 30 November 2016 (Mon – Thu), readers of ladyironchef can simply quote “ladyironchef” or flash this post to enjoy the free top-up of a salad buffet, or to enjoy a discounted top-up of S$5 for free flow main courses from the special promotional menu.

Salad Bar


While you may frown upon salads, let’s just say Krazy’s salad bar is more than just vegetables and healthy whatnots.

There is a selection of soups on a weekly rotation. Soup choices range from the highly popular Mushroom Soup to comforting Clam Chowder Soup and Country Pumpkin Soup. The Mushroom Soup is a mainstay because it is the most well-loved for its chunky, creamy goodness.

The salad and toppings are also on rotation. Enjoy free-flow Smoked Duck Salad on the first week; Pumpkin and Cashew on the second; and Hawaiian Chicken on the third… you get the drift.

Local Vegetables

At Krazy Salad Bar, some vegetables such as Tangy Romaine, Green Caesar and Lollo Red are actually local produce from Singapore’s very own vegetable farm. And the best news is that they are pesticide-free! Indeed, the vegetables are a lot more crisp, fresh and sweet.

Soft Serve Buffet

And did we mention that there is free-flow soft serve, too?

The all-you-can-eat salad bar is available as an a la carte at S16.90 (lunch) & $19.90 (dinner) and S$9 as an add-on to your main. But you know what is the good news?

Simply flash this post upon ordering and the add-on fee of S$9 will be waived entirely. In other words, with every order of a main course, you are entitled to a buffet at the salad bar too!

Krazy Peppery Ribs


Oh, just look at that glorious rack of ribs. Baked slowly in the oven, the Krazy Peppery Ribs (S$28.90) are glazed with homemade peppery BBQ sauce. We enjoyed pulling the ribs apart and have it fall into a beautiful mess of tender meat and sticky peppery BBQ sauce.

Krazy Tenderloin Steak


You might sceptical about a steak at a salad bar. We shared the exact sentiments too before taking a bite into the tenderloin. Our medium rare steak (S$29.9) was juicy and flavourful, to say the least.

Red wine infused gravy poured over the steak gave it an extra oomph, and it was the kind of comforting Western food goodness that reminded us of good old childhood days when our parents would reward us with a good Western meal if we did well in school.

Krazy Hot Lava Chicken


This one is for those who want something spicier and more kickass. The Hot Lava Chicken (S$13.90++) is served with Chef David’s homemade hot and spicy lava sauce, and was strongly recommended to us as one of the best sellers in the house.

We could see why it is a favourite among regulars for the marinated chicken thigh was so tender, with hints of BBQ sauce and chilli, and complete with a smoky aftertaste.


It is not just the Japanese who serve up good pork cutlets. The pork cutlet (S$13.90++) we had at Krazy Salad Bar was extremely crispy. Every piece is double crumbed and deep fried till golden brown, and Chef Tyson’s recipe carries a mild charred taste which balances well with the accompanying sweet sauce.

Krazy Duck Breast


Besides the dishes that we’ve mentioned, Krazy Salad Bar has an extensive menu which has other main courses such as Battered Fish & Chips, Surf & Turf, Pan-seared Salmon Steak, Lemongrass Pacific Dory, Pan-seared Duck Breast and Oriental Pork Chop.

Krazy Main Courses


There are various top-up options, but our readers are exclusively entitled to a complimentary salad bar top-up when you quote “ladyironchef” or flash this post upon placing your order. This means you are only paying for your main course but your meal will come complete with salads, pasta, soups and more at the all-you-can-eat salad bar.

Krazy Lamb Racks

The next option, which is the one we prefer, is a top-up of S$9 (Option B) on top of your mains from Krazy’s special promotional menu—which includes mains such as Hot Lava Chicken, Salmon Steak, Pork Cutlet, Sirloin Steak and American Sticky Ribs—to enjoy the salad bar buffet and endless mains!

That means paying only S$9 for your second or even third plate of Sirloin Steak. How awesome is that? And for Ladyironchef readers, the add-on fee for Option B will be only S$5 when you flash this post upon ordering. Yes, S$5 for a complete buffet. You know this is one deal you must not pass up on!

This exclusive promotion is valid on Mondays to Thursdays (not applicable on eve of and Public Holiday) from 13 October to 30 November 2016.

Krazy Salad Bar Singapore

By the way, you don’t have to pay for GST when you dine at Krazy Salad Bar. This is really one wallet friendly semi-buffet place – for students, for those who are tight on their budgets, for those who are after a casual yet satisfying meal, for everyone who loves both their greens and meats!

Krazy Salad Bar
Toa Payoh Central (Above KFC)
#02-516, Block 190 Toa Payoh Lorong 6
Singapore 310190
Tel: +65 6254 7872
Daily: 11.30am – 10pm (last order 9.30pm)
Nearest Station: Toa Payoh

This post is brought to you by Krazy Salad Bar.