Redpan – Mod-Sin Restaurant By DP Architects & GRUB


Over the years and especially in recent times, a new wave of mod-sin gourmet interpretations have been taking Singapore’s dining scene by storm and we are now seeing more and more unique East-meets-West creations. The terminology ‘mod-sin’ stands for modern Singaporean and refers to the interesting marriage of local delicacies and western classics, and should be a harmonious blend of flavours that complement each other.

With that simple but important focus, redpan at Marina Square – a hidden gem we fell in love with lately – has created a comprehensive menu of fusion inventions that have successfully combined the best of both worlds.

A little fun fact: redpan is an exciting collaborative venture between local architectural company DP Architects and homegrown The Food Explorer Group, who is behind Grub.

From Truffle Floss Fries, Prawn & ‘Hae Bi Hiam’ Pasta and Banana Donuts ‘Milo Dinosaur’, redpan’s menu drove us crazy and we actually cannot pick just one favourite. Well, our lunch was good and these were what we had.

To enhance the theme and celebrate local design, the designers from DP created a multi-functional space that is warm, vibrant and conveys a sense of chic, with its custom-made wooden curves.

Design accents, like the custom-designed hanging glass feature comprising 2,000 glass pieces individually adjusted by hand over weeks, celebrate local creativity and craftsmanship complementing the food.

char siew chilli fries


Why settle for plain old boring French fries when you can have a deluxe version topped with a familiar ingredient? redpan’s Char Siew Chilli Fries (S$7++) is quite a showstopper with its homemade char siew ragout, jalapeño salsa and sour cream toppings. Think of it like the Singapore-style chilli con carne fries.

truffle floss fries


However, it is the insane Truffle Floss Fries (S$8++) that we will return religiously for. This mouthwatering rendition of Truffle Fries is one of the best we ever had. Cooked in truffle aioli and topped with chives and chicken floss, this starter is a blend of contrasting flavours that is totally worth every calorie. Damn, it’s addictive to say the least!


If fries are not your thing, then order the Pork Pops (S$9++). Presented in a red ceramic dish, the deep-fried marinated pork belly entree is complemented with a refreshing mango sauce that we couldn’t stop dipping our bites in.

steak chinchalok


Chinchalok is a spiced Malaysian condiment made from chilli, lime juice, shallots and shrimp paste. Truth to be told, we were rather skeptical about the unlikely combination of fermented shrimps atop grilled steak. But we were to find out that the combination is an unconventionally brilliant one. The pickled onions might overpower the steak a little, but that was fine. We enjoyed this dish a lot.

prawn hae bi ham pasta


Who would have thought that a Southeast Asian approach to a prawn pasta would produce such an extraordinary outcome? redpan’s Prawn & ‘Hae Bi Hiam’ Pasta (S$16++) is a huge plate of al dente tagliatelle tossed with handcrafted sambal and fresh sautéed prawns. You might want to know that the spicy shrimp paste is prepared with renowned Chef Mervyn Phan’s grandmother’s recipe.

har cheong cutlet


redpan has extracted the key essence of Singaporeans’ beloved tze char dish prawn paste chicken wings (a.k.a. har cheong gai) and infused its flavours into a succulent chicken cutlet. Yes, that’s right – a plump chicken thigh that has been coated and marinated with aromatic shrimp paste before being deep-fried to a beautiful golden brown. The juicy cutlet is served with fragrant smashed potatoes, and you bet it totally won us over.

bak ku teh


All hail the 160-gram seared pork belly (S$21++)! This main course is definitely far from what we all know of the local pork ribs soup. Instead, the fork-tender meat is a semi-dry version that is lavishly soaked in a thick, viscous peppery bak kut teh sauce and served with deep-fried crunchy dough fritters.

beef short rib satay


redpan’s Beef Short Ribs ‘Satay’ (S$32++) is another surprise and what we would totally use as a definition of mod-sin cuisine. Think 400 grams of soft, fleshy beef that has been sous vide to tenderness before being drenched in rich satay sauce and garnished with onions and pickled cucumber. Robust in flavour, and nothing short of delight in every bite.

salmon kuning


The Salmon Kuning (S$24++) features a generous slab of fish that is wonderfully delicate on the inside and finished off with a grilled crispy skin topped with kaffir lime aioli and curry powder. Not the most exciting dish, but we actually couldn’t stop eating this because it is a simple fish dish that is very comforting.

duck breast


Cornfed Margret Duck Breast (S$26++) is a fancy-looking poultry main that has been glazed with kechap manis (Indonesian sweet sauce), drizzled with cherry compote and decorated with yummy tropical pomegranates. Highly recommended and it is one of our favourites amongst the lot.

red date cake


Desserts are incredibly pricey these days, so imagine our surprise when we discovered that redpan’s sweet treats cost no more than S$8++.

Red Date Butter Cake (S$8++) is an interesting hybrid between a sticky date pudding and butter cake. Served warm and moist, we love how the caramel date sauce and vanilla ice-cream elevated the richness of the cake.


Teh Halia refers to our local beverage of ginger milk tea, and redpan is possibly the one and only restaurant in Singapore to serve such an exotic creation of ‘Teh Halia’ Creme Brûlée (S$7++). This dessert is really a classic creme brûlée infused with ginger tea. The taste of ginger is actually extremely subtle and the dessert remains sweet overall, so even if you are not a fan of ginger’s spiciness, this dessert is for you all the same!

milo dino donut


We actually haven’t met any Singaporean who does not like Milo Dinosaur. Guess what’s new, guys? Banana Donuts ‘Milo Dinosaur’ (S$7++) at redpan! This never-seen-before dessert is made up of banana spherical doughnuts that has a very lovely doughy texture that is slightly sticky. Served with milo crumbs, condensed milk and hazelnuts. Top up S$3.50++ to add a scoop of vanilla ice-cream, this is definitely the best dessert in the house!

*These items are only available from 5.30pm onwards.

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6 Raffles Boulevard
#02-03/04 Marina Square
Singapore 039594
Tel: +65 6255 5850
Daily: 11am – 10pm
Nearest Station: City Hall

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