10 Hidden Gems To Dine At in The EmQuartier Helix Bangkok

EmQuartier Food Guide

The EmQuartier is one of the most gorgeous shopping malls in Bangkok, Thailand. The EmQuartier is part of the EM District, and just when you think it is yet another shopping mall with all the predictable luxury brands, think again.

Comprising three buildings – Helix Quartier, Glass Quartier and Waterfall Quartier - The EmQuartier is a lifestyle mall that will meet all your shopping, lifestyle and dining needs. The three buildings are differentiated by their concepts and tenant mix, and the Helix Quartier has a secret world to offer.

Emquartier Helix

We’ve always been a big fan of EmQuartier’s Gourmet Market – A Taste of Gastronomic Sophistication with products sourced from throughout Thailand and around the world.

Other than the Gourmet Market, what most people may not know is The Helix – a different zone that sits on level 6 to 9 in Helix Quartier. It is a whole new world up there, with the best restaurants and F&B kiosks that totally left us in awe.

The next time you are in Bangkok, drop by EmQuartier and have your meal(s) at The Helix – which is truly a Dining Extraordinaire. Here are 10 Hidden Gems To Dine At in The EmQuartier in Bangkok.

Bella Rocca


This is one of the most stunning restaurants in The EmQuartier and it is one of those perfect spots for a romantic date. Bella Rocca’s sexy atmosphere includes dark elements – from the furniture to the decor.

Bella Rocca Italian

Bella Rocca focuses on dishing out contemporary Italian cuisine and its classic pastas such as Aglio Olio and Vongole are priced at THB260. We loved the Porcini Mushroom Risotto (THB580) with pan-fried sea bass too. There is also a Warm Chocolate Lava Cake (THB220) if you need some sweets to end off your date.

9F, The Helix Quartier, The Emquartier
Tel: +66 2 003 6273
Nearest Station: Phrom Phong

Bulgogi Brothers


Bulgogi Brothers should be a familiar name for those who visit South Korea regularly. Known for serving quality bulgogi and a wide selection of Korean dishes, Bulgogi Brothers is one of the few Korean restaurants in The EmQuartier.

Bulgogi Brothers is all the rage because it is home to a very satisfying pot of Korean Army Stew (THB550), and the King’s Bibimbap (THB350) with beef is a satisfying one-dish wonder if you need a quick meal. The Bulgogi Brothers Special (300g for THB465) is one fantastic K-BBQ that features well-marinated fresh meat that is tender and flavourful.

8F, The Helix Quartier, The Emquartier
Daily: 10am – 10pm
Nearest Station: Phrom Phong<

Crab & Claw


Crab & Claw is essentially a New England-style seafood shack that has a menu made up of sustainable seafood. Lobsters are imported live from Maine, U.S.A., and you can have them in three ways – Steamed with Drawn Butter (THB1,900 for 700gram), Grilled with Garlic and Butter (THB1,900 for 700gram), or Baked in Organic Uni Butter and topped with Uni Roe and Flying Fish Roe (THB2,300 for 700gram).

Crab & Claw Bangkok

The other dish that you must try at Crab & Claw is the New England style C&C Lobster Roll (THB950). Lobster rolls are all the rage in Bangkok now, and Crab & Claw’s version features big lobster pieces that are not cut up so as to retain its freshness. For sharing, get the communal pots – Crab Boil (THB1,200) or Crab Bucket (THB1,300).

7F, The Helix Quartier, The Emquartier
Tel: +66 96 197 5769
Daily: 10am – 10pm
Nearest Station: Phrom Phong

Emack & Bolio


Wanna have some ice cream party? Then it has to be at Emack & Bolio! Over at this little kiosk, you get to build the towers of your dreams – with ice cream, of course. Some of our favourite flavours include Cake Batter, Peach, Deep Purple Cow, Salted Caramel Chocolate Pretzel, S’mores with Oreos and Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup.

Regular size comes with two scoops (THB190), while the Large comes with three scoops (THB250). Stack your ice cream scoops on waffle cone (THB25), chocolate cone (THB50), or marshmallow cone (THB70).

7F, The Helix Quartier, The Emquartier
Tel: +66 2 259 1193
Daily: 10am – 10pm
Nearest Station: Phrom Phong

Full Flavour BKK


Full Flavour is a gorgeous bistro, and it is among the most photogenic. It is one of those spots where you would cosy up with a book and enjoy a meal while resting your feet in between shopping.

WIth a menu that focuses on traditional Thai food – prices start from THB130 – Full Flavour is well-loved by locals for its strong flavours (full flavour, indeed) and spiciness. The Yen Ta Fo is what you must try here, as it is as authentic as it can get. Primarily made with tofu, Yen Ta Fo is a steamboat dish that comes in a personal pot with pink soup that is naturally coloured, alongside ingredients such as meatballs, liver and vegetables.

6F, The Helix Quartier, The Emquartier
Tel: +66 98 896 5956
Nearest Station: Phrom Phong

La Monita


La Monita is a sexy Mexican establishment that offers a menu with a variety of quintessential Mexican staples including Ceviche (THB240), Taco (THB125), Quesadilla (THB290) and Fajita (THB750).


Our choice of drink at La Monita? The wicked Margarita – perfect to go along with the Tacos and Fajita. Yes, you must try the tacos. They come with several types of fillings – from duck breast to beef tongue to mushrooms. And we have to say that we really like the outdoor al fresco spot which offers a quiet respite from the city.

7F, The Helix Quartier, The Emquartier
Tel: +66 2 650 9581
Daily: 11.30am – 11pm
Nearest Station: Phrom Phong

Man Fu Yuan


Singapore’s very own Man Fu Yuan has opened in Bangkok. The posh outlet also sits within The Helix, and it is where your folks who cannot live without Chinese cuisine will truly enjoy.

You can expect the signature dishes such as the roasts and dim sum (THB100 to THB145), and the Classic Tea Smoked Duck (THB350) was exceptionally memorable.

8F, The Helix Quartier, The Emquartier
Nearest Station: Phrom Phong

Sava Dining Room


The man behind Sava Dining Room is the founder of popular label Asava – Polpat Asavaprapha.  The restaurant is an absolute stunner, because the leading Thai designer wouldn’t produce anything less. The whole idea behind Sava Dining is luxury home-cooked meal using locally and internationally sourced produce.

Sava Dining

A mixture of Western and Thai dishes are in its menu – think Spaghetti with Shrimp Paste (THB320), “Khao Soi” Northern Style Egg Noodle (THB220), and Thai Style Risotto with Seabass (THB320). For sweets, you must have the Cha Yen Panna Cotta (THB220) and Warm Sticky Date Pudding (THB220).

6F, The Helix Quartier, The Emquartier
Tel: +66 2 003 6208
Mon to Fri: 11am – 10pm
Sat & Sun: 11am – 11pm
Nearest Station: Phrom Phong



Shio Yoshoku is one of the pricier outlets, but it is well worth paying to dine there. Fine cuisine and elegant environment; that’s what you would get. ‘Yoshoku’ refers to the style of Western-influenced cooking which originated during the Meiji Restoration; which is what this Japanese-fusion restaurant prides itself for.

Standouts include Salmon Tartare (THB350), Duck and Waffle (THB490), Squid Ink Pasta with prawn and scallop. And the Lobster Mac & Cheese with Truffle is not to be missed. We also had the most amazing Japanese beef here. Shio Yoshoku is such an indulgence, indeed.

8F The Helix Quartier, The EmQuartier
Tel: +66 2 003 6287
Daily: 10am – 10pm
Nearest Station: Phrom Phong

The Chop


Right next to Bella Rocca on the top level of EmQuartier Helix, The Chop is another one of those places you would bring a date to for a romantic meal. The dimly lit space creates a mysterious yet inviting environment, with each table comfortably spaced out for privacy.

We liked the Surf & Turf Combo (THB990) and Chop Original Burger (THB320), and there are several steaks for you carnivores and that includes Striploin (THB1,480), Ribeye (THB890) and Tenderloin (THB890). If you are dining in a large group, go for the Tomahawk (THB3,800) that can feed up to four people.

9F, The Helix Quartier, The Emquartier
Tel: +66 2 003 6275
Daily: 10am – 10pm
Nearest Station: Phrom Phong

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