Demi Concept – Gorgeous Japanese Soft Serve Outside Platinum Fashion Mall

Demi Concept Soft Serve

It has been a few months since our last visit to Bangkok, and little did we expect to see the surprise outside Platinum Fashion Mall. There is a whole new stretch of food trucks just right outside the most popular wholesale mall in Bangkok, and it sure is a new food paradise worth checking out when in the Thai city.

Fanciful ice cream, Japanese curry rice, fried chicken and mango sticky rice; these are but a few to name.

And what seemed like the most popular truck that gets everyone’s attention was the stall right outside McDonald’s – Demi Concept. It is really a food truck that sells gorgeous Japanese soft serve cones.

It offers two flavours – the black charcoal and matcha.

Comes in either a cup (THB75) or waffle cone, you can pick single flavour or have them both mixed in a pretty swirl.

The black charcoal soft serve in the demi chocolate cone (THB95) is definitely the most Instagram-worthy and evidently the most popular among the crowd too. We love how they fill the cone with cornflakes, so it is crunch in every bite and happiness till the very end!

Demi Concept

The next time you head to Bangkok and make plans for Platinum Fashion Mall, remember to keep a lookout for these food trucks, especially Demi Concept!