10 MUST-TRY Street Food In Johor Bahru

Malaysian Street Food

One of the perks of being on a holiday is experiencing the different cultures and trying local foods offered by the country/ city. And street food is something that always gets us all excited.

If you ever find yourself in Johor Bahru – a land where a truckload of delicious street food and shopping haven awaits - here are 10 Amazing Malaysian Street Food that you should try.

Malaysia Apom Balik


Apom Balik is essentially sticky rice flour pancakes with peanut shavings and sweetened corn sandwiched in between. Relish the sweet, chewy and crispy combination that will leave you wanting more.

These goodies are typically RM1 for two.

Malaysia BBQ squid


These squids found on the streets of Malaysia are hard to beat. Have them BBQ-ed or deep fried. While deep fried anything is great, we are more inclined towards the BBQ version that is brushed with special chilli sauce.

And guess what? It is just RM8 for a huge squid!

Chee cheong fan


Chee Cheong Fun, or rice rolls, can be found at almost every dim sum restaurant or eatery in Singapore, but these ones from Malaysia boasts a smooth springy texture that you will not stop dreaming about.

Drenched in your choice or curry, black or red sauce, they are usually priced at RM5 per portion.

Malaysia Chee Kueh


Alas, another traditional delight! For the uninitiated, Chwee Kueh is a steamed rice cake garnished with diced preserved radish and served with chilli, and it is super popular in both Singapore and Malaysia.

The ones sold by the streets of Johor Bahru are typically RM4 for five pieces.

Fried radish cake


In Malaysia, the steamed radish cubes are heated in a pan before being mixed with egg yolk, then fried. Bean sprouts are sometimes tossed in to add crunch to the dish. And of course, eating it with chilli makes it even better.

A plate in Johor Bahru is typically RM4.

Malaysia mua chee


A favourite childhood snack for many who grew up in Singapore and/ or Malaysia, Muah Chee is essentially glutinous rice dough generously coated with sugared peanut shavings. The ones here at Johor Bahru are somewhat softer and gives that melt-in-your-mouth satisfaction.

A packet costs RM3.

Malaysia Penang Laka


This notable dish can be found at almost every corner of Johor Bahru’s Streets. One whiff of the Assam broth and we succumbed to the bowl of goodness. A good bowl of piping hot Penang Assam Laksa sure does wonders for the soul. More prawn paste, please!

The average price is RM4 per bowl.

Malaysia Smelly tofu


We get how the pungent smell might be a turn-off for many, there are many who dig it for its odour. These smelly tofu stalls are usually easy to spot from a distance, but the distinct fermented taste is honestly more savoury than anything else.

A box of smelly tofu is typically RM4.

traditional teochew kueh


Since Malaysia also has a strong Chinese heritage, the vendors take pride in their cultural roots by preparing traditional Teochew kuehs from scratch with the most refined methods.

The most common ones are yam cakes, and they are usually at RM5 for two.

Ramly Burger


The Ramly Burger is a Malaysian street burger and the ingredients used to prepare this local delicacy differ across stalls throughout Malaysia. It comprises either a beef or chicken patty and is usually cooked with cabbage, chilli, ketchup, margarine, egg and soy sauce etc.

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