Celebrate with Grand Park City Hall’s ‘Santa’s Fruity Christmas’

GPCH Xmas 2015

Nothing makes December more exciting than themed festive dishes, especially when a buffet spread is carefully planned for and intricately prepared – just like this year’s festive buffet offerings from Indulge at Park, Grand Park City Hall. The theme of ‘Santa’s Fruity Christmas’ was coined by Executive Chef Eric Ong as he infuses intense flavours of various citrus fruits into his festive dishes.

These dishes range from Orange-Glazed Pork Ribs to Smoke Orange Oil Scented Apricot Crust Roasted Rack of Lamb. The incorporation of citrus fruits into the dishes truly adds a touch of Yuletide magic.

Indulge at Park

Here are some other dishes you can expect from the ‘Santa’s Fruity Christmas’ buffet spread and other mainstay signature dishes that you have to try at Grand Park City Hall this festive season!

GPCH Seafood Spread

The seafood spread is not a festive-exclusive but a mainstay in the usual buffet, and we know we won’t be the only ones flocking over for the fresh scallops, shrimps, shellfish and salmon sashimi. Festive dining or not, we always welcome a good seafood spread.

GPCH Xmas 15 Starter2

Before we get to the mains, will you just take a look at these gorgeous starters? A scallop and shrimp tapas-like starter with the addition of salad stalks and red bell pepper; crunch in every bite, and very contrasting yet well-balanced flavours.

GPCH Xmas 15 Starter

Another one to look out for is a ceviche-like starter with finely cubed fresh fish mixed with pomelo; very refreshing and a palatable dish that will call for second helpings. The addition of ikura (salmon fish roe) completes the cold dish with a touch of saltiness that we are all so familiar with. Why, this starter is like a sashimi makeover!

Of course, apart from these festive teasers, Grand Park City Hall will also be offering their standard line-up of boiled soups, a DIY salad bar, cheeses and more. This is a trivia, but we are huge fans of their boiled soups – think Cantonese-style full-bodied flavours that remind us of Home.

GPCH Xmas 15 Turkey

Here comes our favourite part – the Christmasy mains! This gorgeous turkey sure took us by surprise. Turkeys are generally dry because it is too easy to overcook them as the meat itself contains almost no fat, and the grasp of the right temperature is vital.

Which was why we were delighted by the chefs’ work for they know their way around this beautiful white meat. Pleasantly tender and very flavourful, Grand Park City Hall’s turkey will be paired with a jolly berry sauce.

GPCH Xmas 15 Ribs

We hope you aren’t too sick of meats yet, because the Orange Glazed Pork Ribs is no doubt a star of the spread. The brilliant orange glaze is such a refreshing alternative to the usual sauces that ribs are prepared with. Fork-tender ribs dishes like these, you know that you can’t stop at just one.

Other meat and star offerings that you can expect at ‘Santa’s Fruity Christmas’ is Pan- roasted Red Snapper with Yuzu Sauce and Honey Glazed Chestnuts, and Smoked Orange Oil Scented Apricot Crust Roasted Rack of Lamb (only available on Christmas Day and Christmas Eve).

There will also be Deep-fried Crispy Lemon Popcorn Chicken with Sour Plum Powder (only available on Christmas Day and Christmas Eve), and Baked Scallops gratinated with Lemon Hollandaise Sauce in Shell (only available on Christmas Day and Christmas Eve).

GPCH Xmas 15 - Dessert

A special creation of berry mille-cake is a festive-exclusive to look out for.

On top of this, Grand Park City Hall’s signature mini macarons will also be available, together with their fondue booth that features unique dips on rotation – think coffee, strawberry and white chocolate! Yes, we overate here. Couldn’t help it because chocolate fondue always tugs our heartstrings.

Santa’s Fruity Christmas will be available from 1 to 30 December 2015.

Prices from 1 Dec to 23 Dec, 26 Dec to 30 Dec 2015:
Lunch Buffet: (Monday to Friday, 12 – 2.30pm) $50++ (Adult)/ $25++ (Child)
Dinner Buffet: (Sunday to Thursday, 6.30 – 10.30pm) $60++ (Adult)/ $30++ (Child)
Weekend Tunch Buffet (Saturday and Sunday, 12 – 3pm) $55++ (Adult)/ $27.50++ (Child)
BBQ Buffet Dinner (Friday & Saturday, 6.30 – 10.30pm) $70++ (Adult)/ $35++ (Child)

Prices on 24 & 25 December 2015:
Lunch Buffet: (12 – 2.30pm) $65++ (Adult)/ $32.50++ (Child)
Dinner Buffet: (6.30 – 10.30pm) $80++ (Adult)/ $40++ (Child)

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