5 Things To Do At Hong Kong Victoria Peak


No trip to Hong Kong is complete without spending time at the world famous Hong Kong Victoria Peak. You may argue that it is touristy and cliche, but you cannot deny its beauty.

We frequent Hong Kong, and we never get sick of The Peak. There is this sense of familiarity when at The Peak – glimpses of scenes that we see in Hong Kong dramas (our favourite!), and places that we see in photos, they always ignite comfort.

Victoria Peak

Have no clue on what The Peak has to offer? Well, apart from the luxurious mansions that the wealthiest in Hong Kong owns, there are other viable experiences we mere mortals can enjoy.

From the wax museum to Wildfire Pizzabar & Grill that offers a resplendent view of the city skyline, here is our take on 5 Things To Do At Hong Kong Victoria Peak.

Victoria Peak Tram


This is the quintessential way of getting to The Peak – via The Peak Tram, a 127-year-old funicular railway that departs from its terminus on Garden Road and has served Hong Kong since 1888. It is one ride that takes you back to the older Hong Kong days, and it is one ride that evokes sentiments; we are suckers for all things retro like that.

As the tram climbs to the top, go through the time tunnel and be introduced to the 200 exhibits that take you back to Hong Kong in its journey of growing from the 19th to 21st century. It is one exhilarating experience that offers you an alternative perspective of the cosmopolitan city, the kind of experience that you will not soon forget.

Wildfire Restaurant


Enjoy the best of both worlds by dining at Wildfire Pizzabar & Grill – enjoy an unobstructed 270-degree panoramic view of Victoria Harbour while feasting on Wildfire’s signature pizzas. This restaurant has the best spot in The Peak, with prized seats by the window for the ultimate dining experience.

Wildfire Platter

The menu is a comprehensive one, and while some dishes were hits and some were misses for us, we still love the idea of dining at Wildfire Pizzabar & Grill. Let’s zoom in to the dishes we enjoyed.

Lobster Risotto

The Lobster Risotto wowed us with the plump rice and even consistency, with generous chunks of lobsters stirred in to the rice dish. Our friends enjoyed the Wildfire Supreme Pizza (HK$168 for 12″), while our attention was actually on the Grilled Wagyu M5 Tomahawk Steak (HK$1,380). Damn, the beef was awesome!

Wildfire Grill

There is also a platter to share – Wildfire Mixed Grill (HK$488), which comes with Sirloin Steak, Pork Rib, Bratwurst Sausage, Lamb Chop and Chicken Breast. And behold, the Wildfire Tiramisu (HK$178) is gigantic; it serves up to four!

Wildfire Pizzabar & Grill
Shop 2, Level 1, The Peak Tower, 128 Peak Road, The Peak
Tel: +852 2849 5123
Daily: 12pm – 11pm



We are no hikers ourselves but we will not say no to a leisure stroll along The Peak’s nature trail. It is one incredible walk, we promise – even better when done in the morning. Breathe in the fresh morning air that is dewy and cool, and take the hand of your loved one as Nature wows you with its unfiltered beauty.

The nature trail starts from Mount Austin Road, and it winds up a mountainous landscape. Enchanting tropical trees and an extensive birdlife awaits.



If we can never have the chance to get up close and personal with Brangelina, Lady GaGa and Donnie Yen, our only other alternative to feed our curiosity is the world famous Madame Tussauds’ museum, where wax figurines are made to look so similar to real-life people.

Donnie Yen

Madame Tussauds’ Hong Kong outpost is huge and enthralling, and it houses wax figures of superstars, accomplished sports people, politicians and royalties.

Madame Tussauds'

Apart from scrutinising everyone’s features from head to toe (literally), we enjoy reading about the process and fun facts of creating wax figures. And if you think you have been once and seen it all, you still need another trip back because they introduce new figures every 3-4 months, and there might be “surprise visitors” from other museums; we’d like to think of the figures going around on “exchange programmes”. You might not know, but the permanent figures are also given regular makeovers so that they stay relevant and are closest to the original personality’s current state and look.

Hong Kong Day


Who says there are only touristy restaurants up at The Peak? Hong Kong Day is a typical but no less popular cha chaan teng, and they have several outlets across the city, including one strategically at The Peak.

This is where we love to rest our feet from all the walking, and to quench our thirst with popular cha chaan teng-style drinks such as Milk Tea, Yuan Yang and Lemon with Honey. Sometimes, we treat ourselves to the Red Bean Fleecy with ice cream when we need something sweeter to complete the day. And of course, you can get your usual French Toast and Wanton Noodles here at Hong Kong Day as well!

Shop P102, P1/F.
The Peak Tower
Tel: +852 2849 7855
Daily: 12pm – 10pm

Hong Kong Peak


The Peak Galleria’s Free-Entry Observation Deck is where most people head to to catch a glimpse of Hong Kong’s mesmerising skyline. That iconic skyline that people from around the globe flock to to see with their own eyes, because it is only with seeing that you would believe just how gorgeous Hong Kong is. That sick view that always have us falling in love with over and over again; there is no return for our love for Hong Kong.

The Peak Galleria

Whether you are at The Peak in the day or when night falls, enjoy the best view of the city from the observation deck all the same. By the way, are we the only ones who always look for Bank of China’s building first? We can never identify every single tall building, but if we see Bank of China, we know it is Hong Kong.

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