The One Dish You Must Eat In Taiwan – Oyster Omelette

Taiwan Oyster Omelette

Oh, the glorious Taiwanese Oyster Omelette, or orh-ah-jian as they call it. Where do we even begin about this? As much as we love the Oyster Omelettes in Singapore, the ones found in Taiwan has undoubtedly racked it up a few notches.

Whether we are talking about the heavenly union of the gelatinous sweet potato starch and the pan-fried omelette with the freshly poached oysters that will melt in your mouth or the signature red sauce that you can only find in Taiwan – we are extremely certain that once you try them, you cannot (and will never want to) go back.

Not only is it a crowd favourite dish amongst the locals in Taiwan, many tourists have also sworn by it.


Primarily, the 3 main ingredients of this dish are Sweet Potato starch, Eggs and Oysters. Yes, three simple ingredients that will deliver a truly amazing concoction. The sweet potato starch is first mixed with water, topped off with salted and pepper before pouring into the heated pan.

After which, fresh oysters are gently added in to the mixture then stir-fried. The finishing step involves cracking in a beaten egg and tossing the ingredients together before they become a delicious mess.

However, the addition of a key ingredient makes the oyster omelettes served in Taiwan different. A sauce made from tomato ketchup, soy paste and sweet chilli is then drenched over the oyster omelette, giving the dish a harmonious combination of sweet and savoury. Sometimes, Taiwanese A-Choy vegetables are mixed in for a healthier choice.


Most Taiwanese Oyster Omelettes are sold at an affordable price of NT45 to NT60, which translates to approximately S$1.60 to S$2.80 per plate – depending the exchange rate. It might not be the cheapest Street Food around, but we assure you it will be worth every penny (and calorie) once you take a bite into this irresistible plate of goodness.

For those who have a penchant for spicy food, you can request for additional dollops of chilli and they will kindly add it for you.


It can be found almost everywhere, whether is it in their restaurants, popular shopping districts such as Xi Men Ding, or even at their local night markets. You can spot tourists and locals consuming it almost everywhere, so why not take the leap and join in the crowd? We promise you will not be disappointed.