Nomz Kitchen & Pastry – Here’s What We Love About This Sexy Casual Restaurant In Jakarta


A recent trip to Jakarta had us falling in love with Nomz Kitchen & Pastry, a sexy casual dining restaurant helmed by Chefs Kim Pangestu and Arnold Poernomo. Located in Grand Indo East Mall, we had numerous memorable meals at Nomz Kitchen & Pastry during our stay in the Indonesian city. We don’t even know where to begin!

Nomz Kitchen & Pastry was also the place of our choice for our first ever overseas Meet-and-Greet session, and that made it even more memorable and significant for us at Ladyironchef. We are extremely humbled by the support we got from all our Indonesian followers, and the love and enthusiasm further affirmed our choice for making Jakarta our destination to meet all you lovely people.


Apart from the fun-filled afternoon we had sampling the chefs’ new creations and catching up with our followers, we also want to share all our favourite dishes from Nomz Kitchen & Pastry. The culinary team fed us so well that we were pretty reluctant to return home. That said, for all who are headed to Jakarta or already living in Jakarta, a trip to Nomz Kitchen & Pastry is necessary.

Here are the various highlights from all the feasting sessions we had, as well as some photos from our Meet-and-Greet session:

Nomz Bar

We have to start off by telling you how much we love Pastry Chef Kim Pangestu who helms all the baking at Nomz. The gorgeous desserts display and cookies you see on the counter are her creations, and they were also the first thing that got our attention upon stepping in to Nomz.

It is hard to pick a favourite. We loved the selection of eclairs, the Sticky Date Pudding, and the intricate cakes so much that we went back every day for some sugar rush.

Nomz Eclairs

The eclairs. Look at these gems. We squealed in excitement when this plate was served to us, like little kids in Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. The featured flavours here are hazelnut, salted caramel, milk chocolate and Bailey’s.

You might have guessed that the salted caramel one (RP35,000) was our favourite, and believe it or not – it was wolfed down in seconds. Kim, all eyes are on you now. The next time we visit Jakarta, we know you will surprise us with new eclair flavours!

Sticky Date Pudding

During our stay in Jakarta, we spoke about our love for Sticky Date Puddings, and those who had been to Singapore would react with excitement, telling me how that is their must-have dessert when in Singapore, because they cannot seem to find any in Jakarta. But guess what? You can at Nomz!

Much to our delight, it tasted as good as the best one we’ve had in Singapore! The best part? It costs RP60,000 – one-third of what you would otherwise pay in Singapore. Our Indonesian friends are so lucky, indeed.

Nomz Desserts

If all else fails, turn to the cakes counter. The Urban Geisha (RP48,000) is such a beauty, and Addiction (RP50,000) is a luscious chocolate treat that is a crowd’s favourite.

Nasi Gila

You see, we got so carried away by the sweets because Chef Kim really spoilt us. Now, let’s shift our attention to the mains. Indonesians should love their Nasi Gila, right? We do too! Nomz’ version is a more elaborate and fancy one; they call it the Crazy Rice (RP110,000) – a literal translation. And this, my friends, is prepared with wagyu sirloin.

Truffle Fries

If you need your sides to share, the Truffle Fries (RP40,000) has our approval. Perfumed with the aroma of premium truffle oil, this bowl is good to share among 2-3 persons.

Being such suckers for burgers, you bet we had the Nomz Beef Burger (RP110,000) too. ‘Twas great, nothing short of satisfying. So was the Pull Pork Sandwich (RP85,000).

Duck Confit

Another dish which we really enjoyed was the Duck Confit (RP105,000) with a local Indonesian twist – think of it as Chef Arnold’s modern take on the Balinese dirty duck.

Pork Belly Udon

But what stole the show was the Pork Belly Udon (RP105,000). It looked so ordinary, but it tasted out of the world. We were not expecting the pork belly to have such a crispy crackling! And the layers of fat (and meat) was marinated so well that the whole slab was such an enjoyment; it topped the charts as our favourite main at Nomz.

Meet & Greet

On an ending note, thank you to all who attended our Meet-and-Greet on 23 Aug 2015 at Nomz Kitchen & Pastry! It was our utmost pleasure to partner Nomz to host all of you lovely people.

Jakarta Meet Greet

The intimate afternoon was extremely enjoyable as we savoured the bests of Nomz’ kitchen over hearty chats with our Indonesian supporters. We were so terribly spoilt by your hospitality and presents, and it further reaffirmed our decision of choosing Jakarta (and Nomz!) as our first overseas stop for our Meet-and-Greet session.

Nomz Meet Greet

To one and all who made the event happen: from the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for your unwavering support and faith, and we now have more reasons to head back to Jakarta. For the love and laughter with all of you, for the great food and pastry at Nomz, for the love for Indonesia.

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Nomz Kitchen & Pastry Jakarta
Grand Indonesia East Mall Ground Floor #06-07
Opening hours: Sun-Thur 10am-10pm & Fri-Sat 10am-12am
Phone: +6221 2358 1211
Email: [email protected]

This post is brought to you by Nomz Kitchen & Pastry.