Marina Bay Link Mall Food Guide – 4 Restaurants That Are Great For Every Occasion

Marina Bay Link Mall Restaurants

Situated beneath Marina Bay Financial Centre, Marina Bay Link Mall is the retail and F&B space which thrives as a lunch and dinner hotspot for many executives with dining options to suit all sorts of diets and budgets; be prepared to be spoilt for choice!

If that’s not enough more choices await you above ground too, at the Ground Plaza, Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 1 and Tower 3?

The mall sits against the stunning backdrop of the Marina Bay skyline, and some of the restaurants offer an alfresco experience under the moonlight while unwinding from a day’s of hard work. Marina Bay Link Mall lives by the country’s motto of being a gourmet city, with restaurants serving up some of the finest spread set to pamper your taste buds. It is also home to four renowned restaurants and bars – Harry’s, NUDE Seafood, Ola Cocina Del Mar and Misaki – all which strives to give their diners an exquisite dining experience without having to break the bank.


We had an extraordinary evening dining at Marina Bay Link Mall, and we want to share with you our favourite dishes. Really, Marina Bay Link Mall is not just for the bankers who work in the area; if you haven’t already ventured here before, you are missing out on these 4 restaurants at Marina Bay Link Mall that are great for every occasion.

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Harrys interior


Over the years, Harry’s has grown to become Singapore’s most established dining and bar chain with countless outlets sprouting across our little red dot. Expats and locals are often seen flocking to the bar. Harry’s at Marina Bay Link Mall has a strategic location that overlooks Marina Bay.

Its crowd mainly comprises office workers seeking a retreat after a tiresome day at work and it is also an outlet to catch up with a group of friends while basking in the alfresco dining atmosphere against the Marina Bay skyline.

Harry's Singapore

Harry’s pride themselves in their ability to play up classic dishes, infusing elements that are unique to their own. They serve a menu full of international mouth-watering mains that boast both quality and creativity.

One of the renowned dishes includes Harry’s Beer Battered Fish & Chips (S$22), coated with a crisp Lager batter and fried to perfection, leaving the fillet with a moist and flaky flesh. The Harry’s Jazz Burger (S$19) was a pretty mean burger too, and we absolutely loved the Mushroom Truffle Oil Flatbread (S$22) – a crowd favourite that is great for sharing.

Harry's Drinks

And of course, what is dining at Harry’s without some signature drinks? Try the signature cocktails such as the Harry’s 1992 (S$16) and their premium beers if you haven’t. Intolerant to alcohol? No problem, because their Lemon Lime Bitters is a good alternative.

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Ground Plaza
8A Marina Boulevard, #01-03
Singapore 018984
Tel: +65 6634 6318
Mon to Wed: 11:30am – 11pm
Thu to Fri, Eve of PH: 11:30am – 1am
Closed on Saturdays and Sundays
Nearest Station: Downtown

Nude Seafood


NUDE Seafood draws its name from the words ‘Nutritional’ and ‘Delicious’, with their dedication in serving fresh seafood at super affordable prices. If you visit the restaurant during lunch hours, it would be a common sight to witness a bustling crowd in this establishment. Join the queue anyway and you are on your way to a hearty, nutritious, wholesome meal. They’re also great for weekday dinners.


NUDE Seafood focuses on being extra efficient without compromising on the quality of the food served. The action in the open concept kitchen is also quite a sight to behold. Watch how your seafood is being prepared; it can be therapeutic, we assure you.

NUDE’s emphasis on the usage of quality catches cooked in the simplest of methods is simple – to let the freshness of the ingredients take the centre stage. The grilled-to-order seafood are procured daily and are also extremely take-away friendly with deboned fish for easier consumption.

Nude Seafood Singapore

We enjoyed their Salmon (S$16), a sashimi-grade fish, smoked with hickory wood and served with “Forgotten Grains” consisting of unpolished rice, chickpeas, oats and almonds – grains that are rarely eaten and thus, its name.

Our favourite was undoubtedly the Chillean Bass (S$22) – or Cod Fish in simpler terms. It was nothing but sweet and wholesome. There was also the Grouper (S$19) and the beautifully butterflied King Prawn Barlotto (S$22) that are worthy tries.

And by the way, their Brownies (S$3 per slice) are homemade and while they may look like an unassuming block of brown, it was actually one of the better brownies we’ve had in town. Try that!

Once a week for Friday dinner, NUDE Seafood also throws a Friday Feast. It’s 4-course, seasonal, and a creative, unfussy take on fine dining (S$68+ per pax, additional S$28+ for pairing of 3 wines). Reservations are recommended as seats fill up quickly!

NUDE Seafood
Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 3
12 Marina Boulevard, #01-02
Singapore 018982
Tel: +65 6443 1167
Mon to Fri: 8am – 8pm
Closed on Saturdays and Sundays
Nearest Station: Downtown

Ola interior


OLA Cocina Del Mar is a contemporary Spanish restaurant and bar, with hints of Peruvian influences in their menu. The cosy and laid-back dining experience is just what we need after a long day in the office.

With the presence of an open kitchen concept, diners can feast their eyes on the intricate preparation methods and the chefs’ every action. The restaurant also houses a private dining corner front row bar seats, as well as a main dining area for patrons; talk about dining in comfort, your way.

Spanish Tapas

Their menu features Tapas, Paellas and Mains. And while you are thinking they are gonna be the usual Spanish Tapas you thought you knew, take a minute to notice the difference.

The signature Tapas is the Ceviche (S$25) – marinated wild fish served with a concoction of lime, chilli and red onions; refreshing with a dimension of flavours. The Pulpo (S$26), a dish of grilled Spanish octopus with lentils and romesco vinaigrette, was an evident favourite among our friends too.


You have to try the paella. The Fideua Con Secreto Iberico Setas (S$45) is an unconventional twist to the usual that we all know. No rice in this dish; instead, the chef uses Spanish pasta noodles to give a softer and lighter texture, and you would have guessed it was perfect with the grilled Iberico pork.

OLA Cocina Del Mar
Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 3
12 Marina Boulevard, #01-06
Singapore 018982
Tel: +65 6604 7050
Mon to Fri: 11.30am – 2pm, 6pm – 10pm
Sat: 6pm – 10pm
Nearest Station: Downtown

Misaki Sushi Bar


Misaki Japanese Restaurant thrives as one of the best Japanese establishments in the Central Business District. With its black painted walls and low-hanging lamps, Misaki brings you on a temporal trip to Japan with its minimalistic interior and nothing too flashy to steer your attention away from the food.

The gorgeously plated dishes in the restaurant brought colours to the whole dining experience with its fresh and natural elements, and we could not stop gushing. We have such weak spots for fine Japanese everything.

Misaki Sushi

If you are keen on a personalised meal, the Misaki Omakase is the real deal. What is ‘omakase’, you ask? It is essentially a six-course meal that is prepared with ingredients of the season. There is no menu; just sit back, and let the chef surprise you with his culinary skills and creativity.

Prices start from S$150 per person, and the Omakase at Misaki features an appetiser, Sashimi selection, hot dish, Sushi selection, soup of the day and an accompanying dessert to end off the meal.

Misaki Sashimi

A total work of art that set our hearts aflutter.

Misaki’s selection of Sashimi includes five to six types of sashimi, with some seasonal items that are ever-changing so that diners can indulge in a different Japanese dining experience each time they visit Misaki. There is also an option of a S$300 Omakase meal (reservations to be made at least one week in advance) which gives you a slight glimpse into a “Jiro Dreams Of Sushi” Omakase spread.

This dish of Crab Claw – with a breaded mix of prawn and crab meat, topped with baby sardines that sits atop a concoction of Truffle crab meat with Ikura gravy – has got to be our favourite course (apart from the sashimi platter, of course) from the omakase. If you are lucky, you might get this as part of your meal too!

You see, an omakase experience is really second to none. Don’t we all love (pleasant) surprises like that? Misaki, you had us there.

Misaki Japanese Restaurant
Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 3
12 Marina Boulevard, #02-08
Singapore 019982
Tel: +65 6443 1187
Mon to Sat: 11:30am – 3pm, 6pm – 10pm
Closed on Sundays
Nearest Station: Downtown


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