FoodLine – Free Birthday Cake Delivery Service in Singapore


In your hectic work life, simple tasks like getting a birthday cake can be a pretty difficult one, especially if you need one at the eleventh hour. And we want to share a delivery service with you that might just be your answer for such situations – FoodLine.

FoodLine specialises in delivering birthday cakes to you; it is simple and hassle-free, and it saves you the job of grabbing one from stores. From 5 September 2015 to 4 March 2016, enjoy free delivery for all birthday cake orders on FoodLine.

With this service, you get to pick from a range of classic cake flavours such as Black Forest, Chocolate and more, there is definitely something for every palate.

Expect cakes from popular cake bakeries such as The Baker’s Story, CAKEINSPIRATION, Chocolate Origin and Crusty Oven. Besides birthday cakes, FoodLine also offers a variety of other smaller treats – from eclairs to cupcakes – that will go well alongside your birthday cake.

Mango Cake

There is no reason why you shouldn’t be placing your orders with FoodLine, because they are Singapore’s largest cakes and catering portal, with over 100 participating shops. You can pick out a birthday cake you like and add it to your cart right away. Online shopping does not necessarily apply to clothes and shoes only. Now, shopping for cakes sound fun, isn’t it?

Important information is always stated too, including whether the cake is halal or not and contact details. Cash voucher incentives are also rewarded for every review posted after your order is done. If you choose to shop online but self-collect in store, the necessary information is also provided on the site.

From 5 September 2015 to 4 March 2016, enjoy free delivery for all birthday cake orders. Well, it may not even be a birthday cake. It can be a cake simply because you are in the mood for one, right? We need no reasons to eat cakes. Click away and start shopping from their online catalogue and have it delivered right to you for free of charge!

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