TungLok Group’s Chinese New Year Takeaway Goodies For Reunion Dinner + Giveaway

Tunglok CNY

Lunar New Year is the biggest and most important celebration for the Chinese community. Luxuriating and feasting on delicacies is also part of the tradition of the yearly affair, and every year, families get together for elaborate dinners as a symbol of harmony and reunion.

In the past, Lunar New Year was celebrated only at home, and hence it was a time to test the women’s culinary skills. But as times evolved, families start heading out to restaurants to celebrate, or even opt for convenient takeaways.

Takeaways are indeed time (and life) savers. The idea of feasting on premium cooking at the comfort of our own abodes cannot be better. This year, of the many tastings we’ve had, TungLok stood out for their family-friendly takeaway menu that is readily available at most of their outlets. They’ve got the classic dishes like yu sheng and poon choi all covered, and their competitive prices make them a distinguished option for all who are looking for quality takeaways to treat your family and friends.

We are giving away 3 X TungLok Group CNY Festive Goodies Sets (worth S$92.90 each). More details on how you can join the giveaway at the end of this post.

Here are the highlights from TungLok Group’s Chinese New Year Takeaway Goodies for your reunion dinner.


Let’s start with the Prosperity Salmon Yu Sheng. No one celebrates Chinese New Year without a bountiful toss. Otherwise known as lo hei, this dish of raw fish salad is essential during celebrations for it is a symbol of prosperity, abundance and good luck. TungLok’s version is a traditional one, with a medley of fresh vegetables, mushrooms, homemade yam, sweet potato shreds and fresh salmon sashimi slices.


Drizzle it with the TungLok’s signature plum sauce, a sweet one that symbolises a sweet life. Priced at S$48 (for 6 persons) and S$78 (for 10 persons), and there is also a vegetarian option exclusively available at LingZhi Vegetarian Restaurant.


Our all-time favourite is a good, hearty pot of poon choi, or pen cai. Traditionally a dish that is fit for the royalty in the Song dynasty, pen cai was once served in wooden washbasins and signifies abundance and richness. In modern times, it is a one-dish item served in claypots, with layers of delicacies immersed in a decadent braise sauce.

TungLok’s Treasure Bowl comes in different variations, but every one boasts only the finest ingredients and homemade abalone sauce. Expect nothing less than abalones, scallops, smoked duck breast, dried oysters, sweet cabbage, black moss and many more treasures of the ocean.

The Heavenly Treasure Bowl that contains 16 ingredients is the most luxurious treat, and comes in two different sizes – S$368 for 6 persons and S$568 for 10 persons. The Royal Treasure Bowl contains 13 ingredients, and is priced at S$268 for 6 persons and S$368 for 10 persons. The Longevity Bowl, a vegetarian option is also available at LingZhi Vegetarian Restaurant at S$188 for 6 persons and S$248 for 10 persons.

Herbal Chicken

Something classic and will surely please the crowd is the Superior Herbal Chicken. It may sound predictable, but TungLok’s rendition is a superior one indeed. Prepared with many kinds of precious Chinese herbs and put to steam under very high heat, the chicken is succulent, tender and explodes with flavours. At just S$38 for a whole chicken, the Superior Herbal Chicken makes an affordable treat and add-on to your reunion dinner.

Glutinous Rice

Chinese are always fond of glutinous rice, and TungLok has their version of Fried Glutinous Rice with Assorted Preserved Meat. It comes in two portions – S$28 for 6 persons and S$42 for 10 persons.

Pork Jerky

On to the festive gifts, we are huge fans of the TungLok Pork Jerky – in simpler words, strips of divine bak kwa. Many may not know, but TungLok flame-grill their own Pork Jerky (S$33.80 per 500g) and in very limited quantities, so it is the fastest fingers first. Losers weepers, really. The honey-glazed one is our favourite and once you start, you cannot help but reach out for more.

TungLok X.O. sauce (S$9.80) – made with a blend of dried canopy and silver bait using TungLok’s secret recipe – is also a nice gift for your family and relatives.

Nian Gao

Nian Gao (Chinese New Year’s cake) is the festivity’s essential. It signifies a higher year ahead, and Chinese eat it for good luck. TungLok has created a few exhilarating flavours – traditional, pandan and black sesame at S$20 per box. And there is a special Red Dates Nian Gao – at S$28 per box, this 9-layer rendition is said to boost your immunity and lower your cholesterol.

Sets are also made available in the form of Take-home Feast, which comprises Pen Cai, Yu Sheng, Superior Herbal Chicken, Fried Glutinous Rice with Assorted Preserved Meat and Nian Gao. Prices start from S$238, and there are several combinations that are good for 6 to 10 persons. Perfect for your reunion dinners, or if you are hosting a small party.

We’ve got good news! Early birds who make their purchases before 06 February 2015 will enjoy 15% off – the offer applies to purchase of yu sheng, pen cai as well as the Take-home feast.

For dine-in guests, receive a S$20 dining voucher with every S$100 spent. You will also enjoy a complimentary rice pack* with a minimum spend of S$150. TungLok First members continue to enjoy 10% rebate* during festive period. * Terms and conditions apply.

CNY Takeaway


1. TungLok Group is giving away 3 CNY Festive Goodies Sets which consists of a takeaway Prosperity Salmon Yusheng, Traditional Nian Gao, and one Twin Pack TungLok X.O. sauce (worth S$92.90).
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UPDATE: The three winners are Sarina Lim, May Neo, and Alexis Y.

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