MUSEO – Sexy Restaurant on the Mezzanine with A Bar & Art Studio


MUSEO Restaurant & Bar is a great masterpiece.

If you haven’t heard, there is this enchanting restaurant that sits on the mezzanine level of Quayside Isle at Sentosa Cove, and it is known as the “Art on the Isle”. The divine combination of art and culinary take our breath away every single time, and each visit still charms us like never before.

It is like Picasso and Warhol had joined forces and blessed this space with their artistic flares. Filled with magic and astounding surprises at every corner and in every detail, MUSEO is one of the most romantic restaurants in Singapore. Its notably fine culinary execution makes the restaurant a perfect venue for dining – celebrate a special occasion here, or treat yourselves to an unforgettable night of arm jamming and regale cuisine.

Because dining at MUSEO is one sexy choice that you must not miss for the world.

Museo interior

First up, a little fun fact about MUSEO that we recently learned about. MUSEO is a unique restaurant with an in-house creative director who is also a talented Interior Designer, and he has channelled his love to the conceptualization of the restaurant. Evidently contemporary with elegant European touches, MUSEO is predominantly black with notes of posh glassware and sparse florals.

Museo restaurant

The all-occasion venue is a recurrent choice for events, weddings, proposals and dates. And this is no surprise. You don’t always find a restaurant in Singapore that exudes such desirability and comes with a view of the Marina to boast. By day, the restaurant is filled with sunlight and the chinaware glistens like gems; by night, the low-light setting calls for a romantic dinner for two.

Art Jamming

Like its sister restaurant, Arteastiq, MUSEO has a dedicated area for art jamming where you can put your inspirations and artistic talents to good use. Sit down with a pot of house tea and work your thing on a canvas that you get to bring home after; yes to couple activities, and no more boring afternoons, right?


And we have to tell you how addicted we are to their signature Lychee Tea (S$11). The cold option is a longstanding favourite. With a strong infusion of the subtropical fruit, this tea quenches thirst best, and the mild sweetness lingers like a sweet dream. If you need your dose of alcohol, there are several fascinating cocktail choices.

Before having dinner, have a cocktail by the bar. The presentations of the cocktails at MUSEO have been elevated to be visually striking in keeping with its Arts themeWe tried the Passionfruit Sling (S$18) and Autumn Sweater (S$20) – the former is a tropical-flavoured concoction with whole passion fruit, cachaca, lemongrass and lime, all from Brazil; the latter is mysterious with warm notes of apricot and maple, paired with whisky, and sits with autumn leaves and crisp dried flowers.

The refreshing cocktails aside, MUSEO has also just introduced a new wine list which features wines from Australia, France, New Zealand, Spain, Italy and America.

Museo food

The food menu is no less impressive. The fusion selection is appealing beyond its mere fancy creations, for you would be no less impressed than we were when the dishes are served to you. MUSEO’s chefs have insanely fantastic plating skills! Every dish is like a work of art, and simply true to the brand’s philosophy on art.

For starters, get a pot of Black Mussels & Clam (S$28) to share. They toss pretty tasty salads too. The Mezzanine platter is outstanding – for S$42, you get a delightful mix of Singapore’s local favourites with a modern touch. Or customise your own set at S$44, where you get to choose four out of eight items. Our pick is Picasso’s Blues – deep fried prawns flavoured with Lavender.

Two way lobster

Now, the main courses. Where do we begin from? We had quite a feast and every item left an impression on us. The Two Way Lobster (S$38) is new on the menu, and MUSEO gave the most popular crustacean a twist by preparing it ala “Thermidor” style and with seafood otah stuffing.

Mushroom Risotto

The Truffle Mushroom Risotto & Hokkaido Sea Scallop (S$35) is also new, and it is our newfound favourite at MUSEO – plump rice cooked in parmesan cheese and fragrant truffle, together with even plumper scallops that are seared with a slight char. Brilliant!

Squid Ink Linguine

We also tried the Squid Ink Linguine & Octopus (S$38), and while there is nothing extraordinary about the linguine, we savoured every piece of the grilled octopus that was perfectly complemented with the salty egg cream sauce. Sauteed Spinach to complete, for a varied texture and, you know, Mom says we must have our greens.

Sous Vide Beef Short Rib

Carnivores can opt for the Sous Vide Beef Short Rib – at S$40, you get a whole smokey rib to yourself. Definitely the most value-for-money option in the new menu! Also a dish that surprised us was the Grilled U.S. Short Rib Boneless of Beef (S$40), which the ladies might prefer over the whole rib. Generous chunks of short rib carefully prepared with a beautiful shade of pink, soft and almost fork-tender, served with stalks of crunchy asparagus, lumps of sushi rice and an addictive and sweet homemade teriyaki sauce.

Vodka Choc Lava Cake

And no one is leaving without desserts. We know how difficult it is to pick only one when everything on the menu is so tempting, but we’d help with your dilemma. Go for the Vodka Chocolate Lava Cake (S$13). It is a true crowd-pleaser, and worry not, that amount of hard liquor ain’t enough to get you drunk. The Caramelized Banana Custard (S$15) comes sitting pretty in a waffle tulip shell, so that makes a fair option too.


Else, we can always count on the MUSEO Cheese Cake on Chocolate Soil (S$15). Served with garden berries, this reminds us of a flowerpot dessert, and we truly enjoyed the copious amount of chocolate soil!


Fans of MUSEO would be pleased to learn about their 30% off all main courses during lunch hours on weekdays. More reasons to visit the restaurant again, because the substantial discount means we can dine to our hearts’ content without having our wallets take a beating. If the regular price for the lobster is S$38, it would then be S$26.60. And the whole rib would be only S$28!

On regular times on a daily basis, there are a couple of set menus for you to indulge in as well. Have an alternative afternoon tea over snacks and tea – at S$58 for 2, cosy up with a mezzanine signatures platter and choice of two beverages from the specialty teas range, coffee or cioccolata. Go for the $65 for 2 option if you want a dessert to share too.

Short Rib Boneless of Beef

MUSEO’s “Luscious Dinner” is a 4-course set at S$68++ per person, and you get to customize your set with your favourites from Mezzanine, Mezzanine Premium, Entrees and Desserts menu. Available daily from 6-9pm, this makes a pretty grand choice and your date will be very impressed.

If you haven’t had a chance to visit MUSEO before, here’s a video to show you how the gorgeous the restaurant is.

And for those who are planning ahead to celebrate Christmas, MUSEO is offering its Christmas menu — 4-course set at S$79++/pax, 5-course set at S$92++/pax — from 8 to 25 Dec 2014. Highlights include Lobster Bisque, MUSEO’s signature Mezzanine platter, Boston Lobster Thermidor, and Black Forest Log Cake.

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MUSEO Restaurant 
31 Ocean Way #01-22
Quayside Isle, Sentosa Cove
Tel: +65 6734 8066
Sun to Thu: 11.30am – 10pm
Fri, Sat & Eve of PH: 11.30am – 1am
Nearest Station: Harbourfront

This post is brought to you by MUSEO Restaurant.