6 Best Dessert Shops in Kyoto That You Must Visit

Kyoto Dessert

Kyoto is known for many things, and one of them is matcha desserts. Think matcha parfaits, soft-serve, ice cream and shaved ice… However, matcha desserts are not the only options in the city. There are also several fine patisseries that are worth checking out. Here is our list of 6 best dessert shops in Kyoto.

It can be rather difficult to find the shops in Kyoto, especially if you are not familiar with the city. I have included simple directions, and hopefully you will be able to find the shops. My advice is to use Google Map to map out the locations. You should also ask your hotel’s concierge to help you with the directions. Have fun in Kyoto!

Gion Kinana

Gion Kinana

Tucked in a narrow lane next to Hanamijoji Dori – the iconic street in Gion – Gion Kinana is a famous ice cream shop in Kyoto.

Kinana is extremely popular, and it is one of those places that you will see it being recommended in most of the Kyoto travel guides. Needless to say, it attracts truckloads of tourists, but remains a firm favourite for locals who come here for a quiet afternoon tea to have their signature matcha parfait and to sip tea.

To find the ice cream shop, enter Hanamijoji-dori from Shijo-dori. Turn right at the second alley, and turn right again into the narrow lane.

570-119 Higashiyama-ku
Gion-machi Minami-gawa
Tel: +81 75 525 8300
Daily: 11am – 7pm
Nearest Station: Gion Shijo (Keihan Line)

Kagizen Yoshifusa

Kagizen Yoshifusa

One of the few traditional sweet shops, Kagizen Yoshifusa is heralded by many as Kyoto’s best dessert shop.

In a city filled with many dessert spots, Kagizen Yoshifusa is the best place to head for traditional Kyoto desserts and a cup of matcha. First-timers to Kagizen must try its highly-rated Kuzukiri (¥900) – translucent noodles made from arrowroot that is eaten with a sweet brown syrup. You can also take home with you some wagashi (traditional Japanese confectionery) at its retail shop.

Kagizen Yoshifusa is located on Shijo-dori. To get there, head towards the Yasaka Shrine direction from Gion Shijo Station, it is at the intersection of Hanamijoji-dori and Shijo-dori.

264 Gion machi Kita gawa
Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto
Tue to Sun: 9.30am – 6pm
Nearest Station: Gion Shijo (Keihan Line)

Kyo Hayashiya

Kyo Hayashiya

This is an established tea house and dessert cafe that specialises in Japanese sweets and tea. On the menu, you can find matcha-based desserts such as parfait, shaved ice, soft serve, and ice cream.

We highly recommend the matcha parfait and matcha cheesecake set. The former has a scoop of matcha ice cream that sits atop matcha soft-serve, generous cubes of matcha jelly, and fresh pineapple slices. The latter comes in a neat plate of a delectable matcha cheesecake, a scoop of matcha ice cream, shirotama-zensai (red bean with mochi dumpling), and a pot of houjicha.

Finding the branch in Sanjo-dori can be slightly tricky. It is on level 5 in Takase Building, you have to look out for Pronto and Ganko Sushi. For those of you who are not going to Kyoto, Kyo Hayashiya also has several branches in Tokyo.

Level 5 Takase Building
Nakagy-ku, Kyoto
Tel: +81 75 231 3198
Nearest Station: Sanjo (Keihan Line)

Au Grenier D'or

Patisserie Au Grenier D’or

When you are visiting Nishiki Market, make sure to drop by Patisserie Au Grenier D’or. It is located on SakaiMachi-dori, just a few steps north of the market. Do a takeaway from the patisserie if you are in a hurry, or head to the tea salon which is housed in a machiya (old Japanese houses) and enjoy a leisure afternoon over carefully baked and decorated desserts and cakes.

519-1 Nakagyoku Sakaimachi-dori
Nishikikoujinoboru Kikuyacho, Kyoto
+81 75-468-8625
Nearest Station: Karasuma/Kawaramachi

Gion Sakai

Patisserie Gion Sakai

Just a stone’s throw away from Tsujiri Tea House and Kagizen Yoshifusa in the Gion area is Patisserie Gion Sakai. It serves Japanese desserts with European influence. Expect exquisite creations like Lemon Meringue Tart, Fruit Tart, Mont Blanc, Strawberry Shortcakes, and Eclairs. Prices range from ¥300 to ¥500 each.

Their lovely Kyo Gokoron cookies – available in Matcha, Shichimi (Japanese chilli pepper), and Wasanbon (refined Japanese sugar) – are perfect as gifts. Each box is around ¥500 (S$6.40).

Patisserie Gion Sakai is located on Shijo-dori, just a minute’s walk east of Gion Shijo station.

215 Nakano-cho
Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto
Tel: +81 75 531 8878
Daily: 11am – 7pm
Nearest Station: Gion Shijo (Keihan Line)


Tsujiri Tea House

Probably one of the most famous green tea shops in Kyoto, Tsujiri is an institution — a must-visit when you are in the city — and it is known for Japanese tea and matcha desserts. Think of a green mountain of matcha shaved ice, and tempting creations like Chiffon Cake Parfait, and Matcha Parfait.

Tsujiri is also located on Shijo-dori - the same stretch as Patisserie Gion Sakai.

573-3 Gionmachi Minamigawa
Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto
Tel: +81 75 561 2257
Daily: 10am – 10pm
Nearest Station: Gion Shijo (Keihan Line)