Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe Opens Till 4am

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Occasionally I like to indulge in a sinful supper, and even though I have my trusty list of late night dining places to turn to, there are times when I would run out of places to go to, too.

Some restaurants are great spots for late night dining, but they often close by midnight, and of course, it is impossible to dine at expensive restaurants all the time. Some eateries, on the other hand, have good supper food, but they are not places where you would want to linger for long.

My ideal supper place should be somewhere that a) opens across wee hours, b) serves hearty supper food at affordable prices, c) offers a nice environment to hang out and d) is located conveniently. And Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe fits the bill perfectly.

Feast with Wee Owls

I was thrilled when I learned that 13 of the 16 Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafes have extended their opening hours till 4am daily. Whoopie! What a great news for supper lovers.

The good people from Thai Express Group (parent company of Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe) hosted us for a late night party, and all of us had so much fun playing games while pigging out.

Also, to celebrate the newly revised operation timings, Xin Wang Hong Kong Café is launching a new Facebook ‘Spot the Wee Owls’ contest. Read more to find out more about Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe and the contest.

I am sure Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe is a familiar name for most people. But not everyone knows that it has 200 items on the menu. Diners can choose from not only the typical Hong Kong cafe dishes – like Bo Lo buns (pineapple buns), congees and noodles – but also local Singapore favourites, tim sum and tea-time snacks.

Xin Wang Cafe

Some of the items that you cannot miss out at Xin Wang include their Hong Kong style western food, uber-thick French toast with maple syrup, cheese baked dishes, and of course, the signature mango shaved ice.

Mango Shaved Ice

Besides the food, I love that Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe has a cosy ambience, with nice cushioned seats and seating booths for us to lounge around chit-chatting to the background music.

Xin Wang Party

Xin Wang Feast

Feast with Wee Owls Contest

Anyway back to the ‘Spot the Wee Owls’ contest. It will commence in mid-October for four days throughout the month – 14th (Sunday), 20th (Saturday), 26th (Friday) and 1st November (Thursday). All you have to do is to visit any of the five selected Xin Wang Hong Kong Café outlets on every contest day from 12am to 4am and spot Xin Wang Wee Owls cosying up in the restaurant. Snap a photo together with the Wee Owls and post it on Xin Wang’s Facebook Page.

There will be a total of 12 Lucky winners with three chosen per contest day. Each winner will receive an Exclusive Limited Edition Xin Wang Wee Owls Membership Card. So, be sure to stay tune to Xin Wang’s Facebook Page for the five selected outlets set to be announced a day before every contest day!

Xin Wang Late Night Feast

Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe is definitely the place to visit when you have food cravings late into the night. And remember to follow them on facebook to get the latest updates.