Preparazzi Bar Gourmet Modern Singapore Cuisine

Preparazzi Bar Gourmet

Note: Preparazzi has closed.

Words by Alexa Michelle, photographs by ladyironchef

Ever wondered how it’s like to have Asian food in your taste buds while dining in a western ambience? That would be my closest description to how I felt when at Preparazzi Bar Gourmet.

Located in the midst of the Central Business District area along Boon Tat Street, Preparazzi Bar Gourmet is a relatively new restaurant which specialises in serving modern Singapore cuisine – western dishes with a local twist.

Upon arrival at the restaurant, I was greeted with an arty interior as the walls had a canvas painting and a shimmery gold typography that says ‘hello gorgeous’. We proceeded to order the truffle mac & cheese ($10.90) and beef slider ($14.90) as a start. The truffle mac & cheese consists of macaroni; cheddar cheese mixed with truffle salt and honshimeiji mushrooms. As a truffle lover, the smell and blend of truffle salt with honshimeiji makes this dish a must-try, making it taste like a fusion of macaroni mixed with Asian mushroom.

Beef Sliders

The beef slider wrapped in gougère, looking very much like a pastry, was filled with Angus beef steak, topped with tamarind pepper, pineapple chutney and onion jam. Once you bite into it, you’ll taste a blast of sweet and savoury; sweetness from the pineapple and jam and savoury tasting from the Angus beef.

XO Vongole

For our mains, we tried the X.O. vongole ($20.90) and duck confit ($19.90). The X.O. vongole is a dish cooked in spaghetti with white clams, X.O. gremolata, white wine and asparagus. The fragrance of the X.O. gremolata and cut asparagus will make one feel that this pasta dish is not too heavy to indulge while enjoying the white clams. A dish that has a good balance of healthy sides while indulging in seafood!

My favourite has to be the duck confit as it was accompanied with sweet potato gnocchi, corn, garlic, chilli and 5-spice salt. On the first bite of the duck meat, this dish brought sudden memories of dining in a Chinese restaurant. I felt that the chewy sweet potato gnocchi was paired with the duck meat to replace the typical carbohydrates selection of rice or potatoes.

Roast Pork Crackling

Another main dish we got to try was the roast pork crackling ($23.90), a pork belly dish served with crispy cayenne apple, corn, pea and pineapple chutney. Similar to the duck confit, it brings a whiff of Asian aroma and taste to the dish. However, the roast pork crackling is slightly dryer than the duck confit as it had various thick pastes accompanying it.


Last but not least, every girl’s favourite, would be the part we get to desserts. It is almost impossible for most ladies to resist the sweet ending to a meal! With that said, we ordered the kopi-misu ($15). You might wonder why the name kopi-misu? This dessert is in fact similar to tiramisu except it is a sponge finger cake with kopi, mascarpone and coco powder. If you are a tiramisu lover, you’ll definitely fall in love with Preparazzi’s rendition. The texture of the cake was simply soft and creamy with a layer of coco powder set on top, it melted in our mouths on the first bite and we couldn’t resist finishing the entire plate afterwards.

Another dessert that we tried was the “baked” Singapore ($15.90). Its unique almond cake wraps in a combination of pineapple jam, raspberry sauce, vanilla gelato and meringue on top. It was indeed one of the most unique tasting desserts we’ve had representing the flavours of Singapore as a whole. But we felt that the portion of the meringue was overwhelming, and not something that we would order again.

Preparazzi Restaurant

To sum it up, Preparazzi Bar Gourmet offers a wide range of western food infused with Asian dishes. For the adventure seekers and exotic food lovers, you might want to venture to this area of the Central Business District to give it a try. Their menu also includes a fair selection of drinks such as cocktails and wine, sweet treats like cupcakes and French fries that come with a choice of truffle salt ($9.90), curry salt ($9.90) and rosemary salt with parmesan ($8.90). Recommended for dining up to 4 pax.

Preparazzi Bar Gourmet
29 Boon Tat Street, Singapore
Tel: +65 6220 0629
Mon to Sat: 11am – 11pm
(Closed on Sun)
Note: This was an invited media tasting.

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