5 Useful Travel Tips

Useful travel tip

If you google “useful travel tips”, there are about 1,040,000,000 results from websites and blogs giving different travel advice. I’ll go straight to the point and tell you about 5 useful travel tips that always work for me.

Get data on your iPhone and use Google map.

One of the reasons why I got an iPhone is because of the map – it is dead useful. I find it so easy to navigate around in a new city, and I never have to worry about getting lost. This is probably the best travel tip I can ever give anyone.

Barcelona La Rambla

Tourists can usually get away with anything, just be polite and smile.

Don’t be afraid of embarrassing yourself. Remember, the best part about being a tourist is you can do anything. Nobody knows you, so there’s really no need to be afraid of doing/saying stupid things.

Local eats

Stay away from the touristy restaurants. Eat where the locals eat.

You are doing it wrong if you are eating in a restaurant which is full of tourists. The most important thing when you are travelling is to try the local cuisine. Eat where the locals eat, stay away from the touristy areas.

Do your research.

Which is the best hidden restaurant? Where do locals go for a nice dinner? What are some of the must-try food? Read local food blogs to find good eating places, ask your friends who have been to that city, do your research before the trip.

Taipei 101

Prioritise your objectives for the trip.

Are you there for shopping? Or are you there to explore the famous tourist spots? Unless money is no object, you must know what is your main objective for the trip, and plan accordingly.

Travelling is food for the soul. If you haven’t planned your next trip, it’s time to do so! Feel free to leave me a comment if you have questions, or tweet me at @ladyironchef.