Toshiba Ultrabook Filming in KL

Toshiba Filming

Last month, the folks at Toshiba & Intel flew Beatrice, Velda, and I to Kuala Lumpur on a fun filming trip for the Ultrabook Challenge, where we tested out the Toshiba Portégé Z830 Ultrabook.

It was a fantastic experience as the three of us learned so many things during the filming. We had a team of film crew, producers and make up stylist on set for the blockbuster production.

Early risersPhoto credit: Beatrice

I have lots of photos from the filming to share, read more to find out what happened behind the scenes!

We arrived in KL on the first day, and we had some free time to wander around in town before meeting the Malaysian bloggers for dinner and drinks. The next morning, we had to wake up at 5.30am to go to the filming location. Yawn!

Swimming pool


Very lucky to have two fabulous markup artists to help us look good for filming.

Treasure Hunt Challenge

Oh dear, I can’t bear to watch the Treasure Hunt challenge; Velda and I flopped at this game. We were supposed to find the Toshiba Ultrabook hidden within the room, but somehow, both of us couldn’t find the slim ultrabooks, which were cleverly concealed.

Ping Pong Challenge

Playing table tennis with ultrabooks. Who would have imagined? It seemed difficult initially, but it was quite easy after we got the hang of it. Of course, it helps that the Toshiba Portégé Z830 Ultrabook is only 1.12kg, so we had no problem using it as a ping pong bat.

Ping pong challenge

Challenge onePhoto credit: Beatrice

I went all the way to the finals and got first runner-up. It was quite an experience to play ping pong with the envelope-thin ultrabook.

InterviewPhoto credit: Beatrice

After each challenge, we did separate interviews where we shared our thoughts about the game. It almost felt like a scene from Survivor where the contestants would bitch about each other. Of course we didn’t do that. Everyone on set was really nice to each other and we had lots of fun filming the four challenges.

Quick Draw Challenge

This was quite a tricky game. We had 60 seconds to hit the ultra-slim Toshiba Portégé Z830 Ultrabook on the board with darts. Each time we threw a round of darts, we had to close and open the ultrabook to “reload”. Luckily the Toshiba Ultrabook is very responsive and it “wakes up” almost instantly, so we didn’t waste much time doing that.

It turned out to be harder than I thought. Before the challenge, I was feeling quite confident, but in the end I didn’t do very well as it was difficult to throw the darts onto the slim surface of the Ultrabook. In any case, it was still good fun!

Dart challengePhoto credit: Beatrice

Beatrice did quite well for this game! Go #TeamGlutton!

PhotoPhoto credit: Beatrice

The filming took a full day, and it was quite exhausting, as we had to wait for our turn to film the challenges. In between filming, we kept ourselves occupied with cam whoring!

Group shotPhoto credit: Beatrice

With BeatricePhoto credit: Beatrice

Q&A Challenge

Ooh I love this challenge. Some of the other bloggers felt very nervous while answering the questions, but I enjoyed it thoroughly. Velda went all the way to the finals, and she was first runner-up for this challenge. Beatrice and I were “fighting” for the third spot, and it was hilarious as both of us were talking and laughing throughout the contest. Watch the video above to see us in action!

Group PhotoPhoto credit: Beatrice

We spent three days in Kuala Lumpur and time just flew by. Since coming back from the filming trip, I’ve been bringing my Ultrabook on my travels and it has become my favourite travelling partner. I also use it when I am out meeting clients. It is not only light, but also very responsive; I can turn it on instantly and make a quick note whenever I have an inspiration.

You should really consider getting the Toshiba Portégé Z830 Ultrabook if you are looking for a light laptop. It’s perfect especially if you are constantly on-the-go.

Big shoutout to the Toshiba and Intel folks who gave us this opportunity to take part in the Mark of Perfection: Toshiba-Intel Ultrabook Challenge. Do follow the conversation on the Toshiba Portégé Z830 Ultrabook, Inspired by Intel at Toshiba Facebook Page.

Toshiba Z830

Full Disclosure & Fine Print: The Toshiba Portégé Z830 Ultrabook was given to me as a review set, and monetary compensation was received for my participation in the KL filming, but not for this review. All views and opinions are my own.