Akanoya Robatayaki Orchard Parade Hotel

Akanoya Robatayaki

It’s nice to have friends who love food. Whenever I hangout with Beatrice and Velda, we will always be looking for new places to try.

During our recent glutton outing, we were joined by our friend Ming, and he introduced us to one of his favourite Japanese Restaurants in SingaporeAkanoya Robatayaki at Orchard Parade Hotel.

It was an exceptional meal, and despite the price tag, I think it is worth saving up for that special occasion.

Akanoya specialises in robatayaki. For the uninitiated, robatayaki is a technique in Japanese cuisine; customers sit around an open counter where fresh ingredients are displayed, and they can just point to order. The chefs will then grill the ingredients like seafood, meat, and vegetables over charcoal, and serve it to the customers using a long wooden paddle.


Robatayaki is a fun experience. You get to look at all the fresh ingredients and choose whatever you feel like having, but it can also be quite dangerous if you are the type like me, who always tend to over-order.


Our robatayaki feast began with Grilled Asparagus ($7) and Ginkgo Nuts ($7). Next we had a mixture of Shiitake ($15) and Enoki ($8) wrapped in aluminium foil.


After that was the Grilled Taraba Crab ($70), which you see in the first photo of this post. It was not only visually stunning, but also very delicious. The Lamb ($15) was equally good; it was sweet, juicy, and meaty. We also had Tebasaki ($8), and while the meat was nicely marinated, I felt that it was only decent.


The highlight of the meal was the Wagyu Beef ($40) – it was sensational. I know it seems a little extravagant to spend $40 for three cubes of beef on a stick. But trust me on this, it is absolutely worth every penny. To round off the dinner, we had Satsumaimo ($12) – Japanese sweet potato, and fruits.


The price (we paid around $852 for 5 pax), of course, might put off many people. But I do think that Akanoya restaurant is a good place to go for your first Robatayaki experience.

And the best part is they open till late night, so you can always head there for supper, and order a few dishes to go along with some drinks.

Akanoya Robatayaki
1 Tanglin Road
#01-01 Orchard Parade Hotel
Tel: +65 6732 1866
Daily: 6pm – 2am

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