Paris in HD Full Colours

Eiffel Tower


Everything has been amazing so far. Like really awesome. I’ve always wanted to visit Paris, but I never would have imagined I would get the chance so soon.

I was thrilled when I received an invitation from Martell to join them on the Martell Puregourmet tour to Cognac. We got an insider view of what goes on behind the scenes in Martell, and it was really fascinating! We drank, we ate, and we drank some more.

I’ll be sharing more on that in another post. Meanwhile, I’ve been eating my way through Paris during the past few days. Before I leave the land of bread-cheese-crepe-foie gras-macaron-wine for Barcelona, let me show you some photos of Paris in HD Full Colours.

I love Paris!


garden beside louve

Duck confit

Autumn tree


Paris River

Kids in Paris

Notre dame


Building in Paris



Pierre Herme Macarons

People watching

Museum Paintings


Opera House



I will be travelling to Barcelona, Lyon, and London next. Leave me a comment if you have recommendations on what to do/where to eat. I will be blogging about my Martell Puregourmet experience soon!

ladyironchef travelled to Cognac via Paris as a guest of Martell. No monetary benefit was received, only the air tickets and hotel accommodations were sponsored.