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PS Cafe Palais

I finally went to PS Café! I’ve been meaning to try out PS Café for the longest time, but somehow I did not get the chance to.

PS Café has four branches in Singapore (Ann Siang Hill, Dempsey Hill, Paragon and Palais), and each of them gives a different vibe. For the PS Cafe Palais Renaissance outlet, the interior is chic and classy with dim romantic lighting. It also has a lovely white-tiled terrace dining area if you prefer to dine outside.

There are many nice Cafes in Singapore, what exactly makes PS Cafe so popular?

PS Cafe serves mainly western dishes like soup, salad, sandwiches, burger, pasta and main courses. Prices range from $25-$40 for a main course whilst desserts are mostly between $10-$15. I have to agree that prices are not exactly cheap, but then again, you are paying for the ambiance.

PS Cafe palais renaissance

Nothing beats having a drink before dinner. Bagaholicboy highly recommended the Sangrias at PS Cafe and we had a glass each to start with the Grilled Prawn Salad. Nothing fanciful, just nicely grilled prawns and greens with a creamy dressing.

PS Cafe Truffle Fries

In terms of portion, PS Café’s truffle fries were mightily impressive.

However, it is probably not advisable to order it unless you are in a big group. As you can well imagine, we only managed to finish half of the huge stack of fries.

I am not a big fan of truffle fries. To me, I think it is kind of silly to pay a premium for fries that are merely tossed with truffle oil. The smokey gasoline aftertaste, which everyone seems to love, does not really appeal to me.

PS Cafe Food

If you are looking for an appetiser or a main course that is not too filling, go for the Crab Tart. Drizzled with prawn bisque cream, the crab meat within the crisp tart was actually quite decent. I’d prefer the usual dessert tart to this savoury tart though.

PS Cafe Singapore

Ps Cafe is the perfect place for a lazy weekend breakfast, the place for a nice afternoon tea, the place for a romantic dinner with your date, the place for a girls night out – the place to go when you want to dine in a nice restaurant with your favourite people.

Whilst there are some who argue that Project Shop Cafe serves overpriced food and the place is often crowded and noisy, I can still see myself returning for brunch and desserts.

PS Cafe may not have the best food, but it does not really matter since people come here for the ambiance. Service though, is a little lacking, as it was quite difficult for us to get the attention of the waitress. But then again, this could be due to the positioning of our table at a corner of the restaurant.

I will probably head to PS Café Ann Siang Hill or Harding Road for brunch next! Which is your favourite PS Café outlet?

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PS Cafe
390 Orchard Road
#02-09A Palais Renaissance Singapore
Tel: +65 6887 2207

28B Harding Road
Tanglin Village (Dempsey Road) Singapore
Tel: +65 6479 3343

290 Orchard Road
#03-41/44 The Paragon Singapore
Tel: +65 6735 6765

45 Ann Siang Road (ASH)
#02-02 Singapore
Tel: +65 6222 3143

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