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Ma Maison Singapore

Bugis Junction has gone through a revamp and some of the newer (okay, maybe not that new) restaurants at Bugis Junction include: Let’s Sweet Japanese Desserts Buffet, Nanxiang Xiaolong Bao, and Nando’s. The funny thing is, I have never eaten at any of the Bugis Junction restaurants before.

Even though I always pass by the restaurants in Bugis Junction, they somehow didn’t appeal to me, and one of them is Ma Maison Restaurant. The dark entrance of the place was probably the main reason, and it took me until now to try the food there.

Ma Maison Restaurant is located on the second level of Bugis Junction (they also have another branch at the Central). Although it is a Japanese restaurant, the decoration is predominately French, and they serve Japanese rendition of European dishes.

Ma Maison Restaurant

There are five different choices for Ma Maison’s set lunches, and each comes with soup, salad, rice/bread and a drink. The options for the set lunch are the following: Set A) Japanese Western Set Lunch (changes daily), B) Japanese Western Set lunch (changes once every 3 days), C) Hamburger Steak, D) Salad Set, and E) Curry Rice Set.

We opted for Set A, and it was fried Chicken with Japanese dressing for that day. I couldn’t quite describe the taste of the dressing, it was slightly sweet, yet savoury – I felt that it didn’t go very well with the chicken.

Ma Maison Hamburger Steak

Ma Maison is famous for its Hamburger Steak, so it goes without saying that I had to try it. With a beautiful sunny side-up sitting on top, the hamburger steak was well prepared, and the lovely brown sauce complimented the meat perfectly. Although the portion looked small, it was actually quite substantial with the additional salad, soup and rice/bread.

Mango Tart

Ma Maison recently opened a new cafe at Parco Marina Bay which serves pastries, cakes and coffee. They are currently having a promotion for their set lunches, have a fruit tart for dessert by topping up an additional $4.80++. I wasn’t expecting much from the Mango Fruit Tart, but it turned out to be exceptionally good.

* * *

Prior to this visit, I was under the impression that Ma Maison Restaurant was quite pricey, but after glancing at the menu, most of the main courses are reasonably priced from $15-$20ish and they also have a 20% promotion off ala carte items for ladies on Monday Nights. However, if you are a big eater, you will probably need to order an extra appetiser/dessert to share as the portions at Ma Maison are small.

Ma Maison offers value for money set lunches which range from $12.9++ to $16.5++. This is the place to go for lunch if you are working in the Bugis or Clark Quay area.

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Ma Maison Restaurant 200 Victoria Street
#02-51 Bugis Junction Singapore
Tel: +65 6338 4819

6 Eu Tong Sen Street #03-96
The Central @ Clarke Quay Singapore
Tel: +65 6327 8122

Cafe Ma Maison
9 Raffles Boulevard #P3-03
Parco Marina Bay, Millenia Walk Singapore
Tel: +65 6338 9391