Izakaya Nijumaru Cuppage Plaza Japanese Restaurant

Izakaya Nijumaru Singapore

Besides desserts, I have been eating a lot of Japanese food recently and it wouldn’t be right for me not to tell you about Izakaya Nijumaru Japanese Restaurant at Cuppage Plaza.

As much as I will like to keep this place a secret, many Singapore Food Blogs have written on Izakaya Nijumaru before, so I guess there’s no harm for me to share this little Japanese gem with everyone.

Cuppage Plaza has always been known as a mini Japanese food paradise with the likes of Nagomi Japanese Restaurant, Kaiho Sushi Restaurant, Kushigin Japanese restaurant, Maru Sushi restaurant, Ooi Japanese dining, Kazu Sumiyaki restaurant,  Ohsumi Japanese restaurant, Hanashizuku Japanese cuisine and Izakaya Namiwa in the rather dodgy building.

Out of all the Japanese restaurants in Cuppage Plaza, my friend recommended me to try Izakaya Nijumaru. The plain menu only has the name of the dishes without any pictures. Under normal circumstances, a boring-looking menu isn’t helpful to a visual person like me. But as I flipped through the menu, there were some interesting choices which seemed to jump out of the pages saying “EAT ME!”

Beef Teriyaki

One of them was the Beef Teriyaki ($13). It was very well executed, the tender beef was prepared just right and while the teriyaki sauce was rich, it didn’t overwhelm the meat. Only one word to describe this — Yummy!

Curry Katsu Rice

The Katsu Curry Rice ($10) was another excellent choice. For just ten bucks, it was a huge bowl of the delicious rice and katsu topped with the sweet curry sauce.

Hire Katsu

On the other hand, the Hire Katsu Set ($11.50) was completely different from what I had in mind. Instead of a beautiful rack of nicely fried katsu, it was served in chunks and the meat was slightly dry. I’d go for the Katsu Curry rice over this.

Salmon Sashimi

We ordered a serving of Salmon Sashimi ($15) and when it came to our table, we realized that it wasn’t enough for four person, so we ordered another. See that fatty slab of salmon up there? It’s in my stomach right now. Oh life is good.

izakaya nijumaru

Some of the other dishes that we had: the deep-fried golden brown Agedashi Tofu ($5), two sticks of grilled Shitake Kushiyaki ($4), Tempura Soba ($11) and Maitake Tempura ($10).

Izakaya Nijumaru is a great hidden gem with good Japanese food at very affordable prices. If you are meeting your friends in town and trying to decide what to eat in Orchard, you may want to drop by Izakaya Nijumaru at Cuppage Plaza for a drink and some Japanese food.

Merry Christmas everyone, have a good feast during Christmas Dinner tonight!

Singapore Food Restaurant Review
Izakaya Nijumaru
5 Koek Road #02-10
Cuppage Plaza Singapore
Tel: +65 6235 6693

// I’m adding Izakaya Nijumaru to my list of Singapore Best Japanese Restaurants.

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