Miele Guide Asia’s Best 20 Restaurants for 2010/2011

Miele Guide 2010

I’m sure many of you know of the Michelin Guide to the best restaurants in the world. While the guide is a good reference for gourmet dining, the emphasis has always been on the Eurporean countries. This is where The Miele Guide comes into play: it was created to better recognize and celebrate Asia’s best chefs and restaurants.

It is difficult to cover all the good restaurants in Asia since the culinary scenes in most Asian countries are uncharted by any previous guides. This is when we can gladly say that food blogs in the respective countries are doing a fine job in discovering new hidden gems.

I’m very skeptical whenever it comes to ranking of restaurants. Everyone has different taste buds and preference, your best restaurant is definitely different from the one that I have in mind. Nonetheless, The Miele Guide which is currently in the third edition is an option if you need a guide for fine dining restaurants in Asia.

20 Best Restaurants in Asia

1. Iggy’s
2. L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon (Hong Kong)
3. Robuchon a Galera
4. Jaan
5. Antonio’s
6. Mozaic
7. Zuma
8. Cilantro Restaurant & Wine Bar
9. L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon (Tokyo)
10. Caprice
11. Les Amis
12. Yung Kee
13. Gunther’s Modern French Cuisine
14. Bukhara
15. Tippling Club
16. Nobu
17. Dum Pukht
18. Ku De Ta
19. Bo Innovation
20. Beijing Da Dong Roast Duck Restaurant

It is heartening to see some of the Singapore restaurants emerging on the list of best restaurants in Asia. Among the 20 best restaurants on the list, which one have you been to, and which is the restaurant that you want to try one day?