Marina Bay Sands Restaurants by the Celebrity Chefs

Marina Bay Sands Celebrity Chefs

The Marina Bay Sands Celebrity Chefs’ Press Conference was quite an experience. We had a glimpse of the chefs and their team in action. In many ways, it was like a sneak preview of the greatness to come. I call this – the Celebrity chefs experience in bite size.

There were over 300 media friends from all around the world who attended the Marina Bay Sands Celebrity Chefs Press Conference. Personally, I think it’s great news that people are starting to sit up and take notice of the Singapore Food Scene. With the arrival of the Celebrity Chefs, competition would definitely be inevitable, but it can only serve as a  positive challenge and ‘force’ the local restaurants and chefs to further improve themselves.

Daniel Boulud Singapore

Chef Daniel Boulud’s new restaurant is the only ‘bistro’ among the Marina Bay Sands Celebrity chefs restaurants. But judging from the tasting portions that we had, I am very certain that the food at the 120-seater DB Bistro Moderne restaurant promises a lot to come.

I had a sliced of the famed jamon iberico, and the smooth, tender texture of the world’s finest ham quickly won me over. Surprisingly, it was not the iberico ham, but Chef Daniel Boulud’s roasted pork that made a lasting impression. I’m sorry, but I didn’t take a picture of it. It looked and smelled way too good for me to waste another thirty seconds on taking a snap of it – and I dutifully savored it in a mouthful.


We were awe-struck by the intensity and flavor of the roasted pork – how can something so ordinary taste so succulent, crispy, and awesome? Both of us kept quiet for ten seconds which felt like forever, and before anyone could say anything, we savored the second piece of pork — this time, hoping that time would stand still.

By now, all my mind could think of: “Chef Daniel Boulud.. Chef Daniel Boulud..” We walked back to the station, and stared at the roasted pork that one of the chef was handing out. He looked at us and smiled. And we smiled.

After the second round of helping to the excellent roasted pork, my attention turned to the dessert offered at Chef Daniel Boulud’s counter. It was an exceptionally ordinary-looking apple tart. ‘Heavenly’ is an understatement when it comes to describing the dessert. Needless to say, I had two slices of apple tart.

Wolfgang Puck Singapore

The 300-day dry-aged Angus New York Strip from Chef Wolfgang Puck’s team was one of the first thing that I sampled. I am not sure if it’s a case of my stomach growling, or if it’s the outstanding quality of the beef that shone through; but the angus beef strip was so good that I had to have a second helping of it.

Honestly, I thought it’s the best beef I ever had, until I tried what Tetsuya Wakuda had to offer.

Tetsuya Wakuda Singapore

When I was in Sydney for a holiday back in December last year, I actually walked past Tetsuya Wakuda’s restaurant on Kent Street for a few days without realizing it until one of my mate told me about it.

During the Marina Bay Sands Celebrity Chef Press Conference, one particular quote from Tetsuya Wakuda struck me: “I want to be the top among the bottom.” That’s what the man himself replied when asked about the “competition” between him and the other celebrity chefs. His restaurant in Sydney, Tetsuya is known for the long reservation list, and the food lovers in Singapore will be sad to hear that his new restaurant in Marina Bay Sands, Waku Ghin, would be equally, if not harder to get a table.

Tetsuya Beef

You are going to take my word for it and believe that the top grade Wagyu beef that I had from Tetsuya Wakuda was one of the best (read: top, unbeatable, out-of-this-world) beef I ever had. Coming from a guy who isn’t a fan of beef, it tells you a lot.

The sheer audacity of  Tetsuya Wakuda’s team to tease us with a tiny slice of wagyu beef, and the long queue was testimonial to how good the beef was.

Celebrity Chefs in Singapore

Free flow of Champagnes, fine wines, caviar, wagyu beef, lobster, angus beef, and so much more – I am really spoilt when it comes to food. Gluttony for life!

I know it seems like I only raved about Daniel Boulud’s roasted pork & apple tart, Wolfgang Puck’s Angus beef and Tetsuya Wakuda’s wagyu beef, and neglected the other Celebrity chefs. While I enjoyed the Poached quail’s egg prepared by Guy Savoy’s team, with the Maine Lobster in Shao Xing Wine by Justin Quek being exceptional, and also Santi Santamaria’s Gazpacho in shooters; at the end of the day, it was the offerings by Daniel Boulud and Tetsuya Wakuda that changed my perception about life. I instantly regretted my decision to attend the Marina Bay Sands Celebrity Chefs Conference.

Roasted pork and beef would never be the same anymore.

Marina Bay Sands

If money is not an issue and you are given the opportunity, which Marina Bay Sands Celebrity Chef ‘s restaurant will you try first, and why?

Dining in Marina Bay Sands Celebrity Chefs Restaurant

CUT by Wolfgang Puck (Opening Soon)
Marina Bay Sands Singapore
Retail Mall near Theaters

db Bistro Moderne (Opening Soon)
Marina Bay Sands Singapore
Retail Mall near Theaters

Guy Savoy (Open)
10 Bayfront Avenue #L2-01, Casino Level 2 Marina Bay Sands Singapore
Tel: +65 6688 8513

Osteria Mozza and Pizzeria Mozza (Opening Soon)
Marina Bay Sands Singapore
Retail Mall near Theaters

Santi (Open)
10 Bayfront Avenue #L2-03, Casino Level 2, Marina Bay Sands Singapore
Tel: +65 6688 8501

The Sky on 57 (Opening Soon)
10 Bayfront Avenue #L57 Marina Bay Sands Singapore

Waku Ghin (Opening Soon)
10 Bayfront Avenue #L2, Casino Level 2, Marina Bay Sands Singapore