Limon restaurant II: LIC food outing

This, was suppose to be done in July, somehow it was dragged till August, but it’s better to be late than never. And like everytime, I had lots of fun chatting with everybody, it’s very interesting to finally meet all the folks who have been quietly reading my blog for the longest time. From online to offline, now I can put a picture to your nick.

And I believe there is a common misunderstanding: everybody who attend the food outing does not know everybody. In fact there’s a lot of first-timers at each outing, who in turn become my regulars. Only I know everybody, so please don’t be afraid to come for my outing, I won’t bite. Thank you for those who made it to Limon, and I hope to see the rest of you at my next outing, which will be very soon (finger cross).

I won’t say anything about the food, my outings are never just about the food; it’s about the fun, it’s the company and friends that you make over food. In any case if you want to know more about what we had, you can read the detailed write-up of our menu.

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